Unique & Fresh Premium & POS Merchandise Ideas that work!
From start to finish, we will get the project done!
Global Procurement & Fulfilment
Strengthen your supply chain by leveraging on DTC World's globally diversified sourcing and logistic network
Global Fulfilment Driven by Technology
Cost savings through order consolidation, analysis of global purchasing trends, made possible with our web portal technlogy
Our Awards And Certificates

We are a global fulfilment company, specialising in Premiums & Point-of-Sale (POS) merchandise for multinational companies for over 20 years.


We take pride in our quality control processes.


We believe in fresh ideas and new concepts.

Brand Friendly

We deliver products that are aligned to your brand.

Cost Effective

We believe in stretching each dollar for you at each stage of the supply chain.

Sustainable Sourcing

We source materials responsibly.

We enable highly customised & quality products that can reach all major and developing markets in a cost-effective manner via deep expertise and technology.

We Collaborate.

We work great with your existing Creative Agency as a POS Merchandise Specialist!

APAC Presence.

Our APAC footprint offers our clients local insights, helping them to achieve market - specific success for their campaigns.

In-House Creative Team.

We offer highly customised products and we are friendly!

A Philosophy of Sustainability.

We believe in the responsible sourcing of materials.

Technology Driven.

We leverage on technology to keep costs down for you.

We are


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