10 Unique Promotional Gift Ideas


The constant need for the latest, newest and hottest promotional ideas will never disappear. Consumers are always drawn to what they don’t already have. So products that they’ve never heard of before will always be a hit.

We have listed here our top picks for a brilliant marketing plan that will help you lead in the market. We have spotted these promotional product ideas at the recent China Gift Fair. Let’s have a closer look at these 10 unique promotional ideas.

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1. Disco Ball Tumbler 

2. Cocktail Card Game

3. Mirror Pop Socket

4. Eco Bee Wax Wrap

5. Customised Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard

6. Fast-Drying Towel with Case and Carabiner

7. Triangular Water Bottle

8. Customised Ceramic Coaster

9. Fremlin Tote Bag

Planning a promotional campaign and would like to boost sales with unique gifts that will get customers excited?

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