4 Easy Ways to go Plastic-Free in our Daily Lives


In our last blog “What Everybody Ought to Know About Sustainable Promotional Product Materials”, we have shared on the various options of sustainable materials that can be used for your promotional products. The notion of encouraging consumers to contribute to a more sustainable environment arises from the over-consumption of plastic, especially single-use plastics, in the past decades.  

Why is Plastic harmful to our environment?

Plastic material sticks around in our environment much much longer than our life spans; it takes hundreds, if not thousands of years, for plastics to disintegrate. When there is an overwhelming amount of plastic wastes, it leads to plastic pollution that not only affects our Earth’s ecosystem, it also results in global warming, all of which will have detrimental effects on our future generations. 

What can we do to help?

While the use of plastic material in some cases is inevitable, what everyone can do is to try to reduce using single-use plastic items in our daily lives. 

In conjunction with the global movement Plastic Free July, we would also like to share on how individuals can do their part to minimise using single-use plastic, and be a part of the solution to our planet’s plastic pollution.

  1. Use your own reusable cup for takeaway coffee

Many of us need our coffee or tea caffeine fix everyday, be it at work in the office, or working from home. Disposable coffee cups, even those that are labelled “compostable” are not recyclable in many areas as the highly specific facilities required are not made available easily. 

Bringing your own cups or mugs is only a little action from each person, but imagine the impact made as a whole, this will definitely reduce the amount of disposable cups used by us ultimately. 

Sttoke Cups are one of our favourites. 

  • Made of durable, shatterproof Ceramic, yet lightweight;     

  • Designed ergonomically, convenient to hold in hand and carry around easily;

  • Able to keep beverages hot / cold for hours;

  • Most importantly, it is easily washable and reusable!

    Contact DTC today to find out how you can acquire Sttoke cups and customise them as your company or marketing merchandise.

    If you are looking at something more compact, Foldable Travel Cups are another great option too!

    Image credit: https://www.todayonline.com/8days/liveandlearn/style/giveaway-starbucks-x-stojo-collapsible-cups-summer-rific-eco-friendly

    2. Bring your own reusable Bottle or Flasks when travelling out

    We all know the benefits of drinking sufficient water every day. When we are out shopping, travelling, exercising or having picnics, and we need to drink water to quench our thirst, the easy way out is to buy mineral water bottles outside, which are mainly packaged in plastic bottles. This contributes a lot to the plastic pollution around the world.

    Why not bring our own reusable bottles from home, and we can easily refill the water while on the go?

    Metal bottles and Glass bottles are well liked by many as the designs are often sleek and attractive. 

    Thermal flasks and travel tumblers are good for people who enjoy hot / warm drinks while traveling, especially suitable when the weather is cold, and you need to constantly take warm water to keep yourself comfy.

    3. Prepare own Carriers while out shopping

    Another major contribution to the plastic pollution is the use of plastic bags. Plastic bags are used when we are out shopping for groceries, for food, for apparels, and many many more……

    There are in fact many alternatives to using plastic bags.

    Durable, large capacity Jute Bag, for marketing  and shopping for groceries.

    Image credit: https://freshhomekitchen.com/products/market-tote-1

    Click here to read more about what is JUTE

    Packing food from food stalls, coffee shops, hawker centres and restaurants, need a bag to contain the food packs, and also to ensure the food doesn't get spilled and dirty your vehicle? Use a Lunch Bag / Cooler Bag instead. It is easy to clean, reusable and keeps your food warm for consumption as well. 

    Yes, understand that sometimes we do not foresee that we may buy things, thus may need to use plastic bags offered by retail outlets when we are purchasing stuff. Having a foldable carrier with you, will ensure that you will always be ready to reject the use of a plastic bag! Lightweight, foldable, reusable, can be kept in your backpack or handbag conveniently.

    4. While packing food from outside, use own containers 

    With the Covid-19 pandemic these days, sometimes, it is not possible to eat out. As we are working, cooking may not be feasible at times too. As a result, more people are buying takeaway food back to eat. During the days of lockdown in countries when the Covid-19 just started, there had been a tremendous increase of food packaging waste, particularly plastic waste.

    If we bring our own containers for the packing of food, it can really reduce a significant amount of disposable plastic waste materials.

    In the market, there are so many types of practical and functional lunch boxes, food containers and Bento boxes available.

    Simple Lunch Boxes, suitable for one person

    Multi-Tiered Thermal Lunch Box for packing of more dishes.

    You can even customise a unique Bento Box as a giveaway!

    Click here for more Lunch Box options

    The 4 ways mentioned above are just simple ways that everyone can do to reduce the use of plastics in our daily lives.

    Let’s all do our part, say NO to single use plastics!

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