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In 2018, DTC World Corporation launched our new Digital Global Fulfilment Web Shop platform called “SIMPLIFY” in collaboration with Tiger Beer globally.

What is “SIMPLIFY”?

“SIMPLIFY” is our in-house web shop platform that allows global brands to consolidate their POS merchandise and premiums orders from different countries. So far, more than 22 countries office such as Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Dubai, Europe and others have benefit from the “SIMPLIFY” platform with a total amount of USD5,746,966 orders going through the “SIMPLIFY” platform. The savings from the global fulfilment platform is about 10%!

Other than just cost-saving measures, the “SIMPLIFY” platform benefits the different local offices in many ways such as:


1) The proprietary “order-window” system that allows marketers from each country to browse through the SIMPLIFY platform to view the latest bespoke items and combine their orders with other markets for the MOQ.

2) A consistent POS Merchandise range throughout the region.

3) More bespoke design opportunities with the global combined orders.

4) More eco-friendly way of presenting the digital catalogues rather than hard copy

    catalogues. Faster and more convenient.

5) A global reporting and tracking system for each country.

The SIMPLIFY platform allows smaller markets to participate in bespoke designs orders that were previously impossible due to their inability to fulfil the MOQ. This enables the respective marketing teams to be more ambitious in their POS merchandise planning.

Some of the POS Merchandise that have been produced via the SIMPLFY platform –

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