Boost your brand with these unique corporate gifts that professionals love


There are many occasions and reasons for giving corporate gifts to your clients. It could be that you want to thank them for their business, celebrate a significant milestone for the company, or even welcoming new clients or employees to your business and company. Whatever the reason, your gifts have to be pretty impressive to make sure that your clients know that you value them.

The best gifts are personal, useful, and are typically sets with multiple items. Don’t just give your external and internal clients the same generic coffee mug or a gift card. Get them a gift you know that they’ll enjoy because you take note of their interests. You want to make sure there’s something that your recipient can keep for a loooong time after they use it for the first time, and after the packaging has been tossed away. 

But how much should you spend on corporate gifts for clients? What are good gifts that stay top of mind? How do you move away from conventional gift ideas?

In this article, we will be sharing about on how you can:-

  • Impress your external clients with spectacular corporate gift ideas

  • Appreciate your employees with gifts that they will love

  • Discover unique corporate promotional gift ideas with DTC World

From practical items that go into a corporate swag or an event giveaway, to a selection of exclusive (if not luxury) items that make your clients go “wow”, we have picked out some of the unique, eye-catching, and relevant corporate gift ideas that will make a lasting impression among your external and internal clients!

Impressive corporate gift ideas like you’ve never seen before

Below are the different gift angles and inspirations you could zoom into when selecting the suitable corporate gifts to engage your recipients in a more impactful way.

  1. Fun and witty appreciation gifts

  2. Stress and relaxation self-care gifts

  3. You can never go wrong with tumblers!

  4. Gifts that give employees a boost

  5. For your company happy hour

Fun and witty appreciation gifts

Get out from the conventional methods when it comes to corporate gifting by giving something humorous and fun! It is not necessarily about spending the most money, but it’s about giving something that puts a smile on your recipient’s face. And, surely, what gets people discussing or showing off to their friends or family — everytime they hold on to your gift.

  1. Creative Lamp Pen

  2. Fun and Punny Stickers

  3. Fun Colourful Socks

  4. Modular Magnetic Fidget Pen Gift Set

Creative Lamp Pen

Why we recommend it: Designed to look like a table lamp and works as a little night light, too! Unique, fun, and creative decorative piece to style up your workstation. Made with a comfortable grip, this dual purpose pen is suitable for anyone, anywhere.

Ideal for: employee swag, trade event, company event giveaway

Fun and Punny Stickers


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Why we recommend it: Don’t underestimate the power of these fancy, cute and vibrant stickers to liven up things! Stickers inject a fresh and playful vibe to just anything. Make the stickers easily appreciated by ensuring they appeal to the aesthetic senses of your audience — so that they would want to stick these on their everyday equipment like laptop covers, phone cases, notebooks, etc. (Now, wouldn’t you say that is a smart branding idea for you, too?)

Ideal for: employee swag, conference/event giveaway

Fun Colourful Socks

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Why we recommend it: The fact that socks are almost always the perfect corporate gift. One-size fits all, easy to wear, and the perfect thing to slip on after a long day at work! The brilliant thing is, you can choose from all sorts of designs and colours! A perfect gift idea for any season, quite frankly. You could even customise the socks by adding seasonal, or holiday-themed elements to welcome the festive spirit!

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag, conference/event giveaway

Modular Magnetic Fidget Pen Gift Set

Why we recommend it: When you’re not jotting down notes, this cool and fun fidget pen can be used as a magnet fidget to catch a breather, during those stressful moments at work. The magnetic pieces can be effortlessly transformed into all kinds of shapes and designs — however you like it! Add some personalised touches to the box, and it’ll be a witty gift that’s guaranteed to get people talking about.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag, company party gift/event giveaway

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Stress and relaxation self-care must-haves

The search volume for “self-care gift boxes” has increased tremendously in the past year. More than so, this is highly due to the pandemic that took the world by storm. Many companies want to show their customers and clients that they care. And you can’t go wrong with a customised self-care gift set that inspires wellness, packed with products to de-stress and relax.

  1. Engraved Portable Bean Bag Toss

  2. Stress Relief Decision Maker Pen

  3. Candlelight Design Aroma Diffuser

  4. Aroma Candle Gift Set

  5. Sleek Neck Massager

Engraved Portable Bean Bag Toss


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Why we recommend it: Wish to add some fun to an outdoor party? This iconic retro game is a fun way to spice things up for a party, or social gathering. A not-your-conventional method to remind your recipients to take a break, relax and have a lil’ fun now and then. Crafted from pine wood, both boards latch together for simple and easy transport. You can also engrave the boards with the name and initial of your choice, for a more personalised touch.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag, company party/outdoor event

Stress Relief Decision Maker Pen


Why we recommend it:  A creative fun pen with fidget spinner — ideal for stress relief or when making decisions. This pen combines creativity and function, allowing users to enjoy fidgeting with a gadget while getting work done.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag, conference/corporate event giveaway

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Candlelight Design Aroma Diffuser

Why we recommend it: An elegant aroma diffuser set, designed to look like candlelight. Perfect to relieve fatigue, moisturise skin and create a perfect sleep environment, this is your ideal gift to prep a nice ambience for the ultimate relaxation. A considerate gift that echoes your thoughtfulness, on top of your appreciation towards your clients.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag, company party/event gift

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Aroma Candle Gift Set

Why we recommend it: The best gift is the one that comes with a little something extra. This carefully designed aromatherapy candle set showcases exactly that. A perfect gift of scent and fragrance, these attractive scented candles are packed in an elegant box that elevates the gifting experience up another notch. A calming and relaxing gift perfect for any occasion, you can get creative with the designs and colours to complement the event purpose.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag, company party/corporate event gift

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Sleek Neck Massager

Why we recommend it: Ever caught one of those moments when the pain in the neck is getting a little distracting and uncomfortable? A portable, obviously less bulky neck massager that is not only sleek-looking, it works brilliantly to ease those tensed muscles around your neck area. Another cool gift that will make your recipients go ‘wow’.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag

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Gifts that give employees a boost

Has your team been nailing all the right things this quarter? Let them know they’re on FIRE — and you acknowledge their great efforts with these gifts to give them a morale boost and “job well done!” cheer.

  1. Employee Appreciation Gift Sets

  2. Waterproof Speaker

  3. Personalised Lint Roller

  4. On-the-go Tech Organiser Roll

  5. Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe and Mugs

Employee Appreciation Gift Sets


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Why we recommend it: Nothing compares to the warm feeling your recipient gets when they unbox a beautiful and thoughtful appreciation gift package filled with essential items they can use everyday, anytime, anywhere. These gift ideas can be mixed and matched to form a customised gift set that will make a good impression as an employee welcoming gift, or an appreciation gift box.

Ideal for: client gift, employee welcoming/onboarding gift

Waterproof Speaker

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Why we recommend it: Tech gadgets are one of the most desirable gifts one could ask for. Gifting a sleek and cool portable waterproof speaker can never go out of style, really. Perfect for anyone and any occasion, its compact design and portability actually works great as a branding tool.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag

Personalised Lint Roller

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Why we recommend it: Speaking of useful and portable all at the same time, this gift idea is sure to please. A great travel companion for those who are constantly on the move, this lint brush folds and packs easily in your suitcase so you can always look your best.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag

On-the-go Tech Organiser Roll

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Why we recommend it: Life can get crazy and having to deal with messy cables is the last thing anyone wants, so make their lives a little easier with this classy travel carrying case! Store your tech cables in a roll-up organiser with a ‘piece’ of mind. Comes with several compartments that provide great flexibility to store your tech accessories in one roll-up pouch. Works fine as a grooming kit or cosmetics pouch to pack your essentials when you’re on the go.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag

Stainless Steel Coffee Carafe and Mugs

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Why we recommend it: A perfect gift for anyone that loves spending time outdoors without leaving their coffee in the city. This elegant coffee gift set includes two matching coffee mugs to offer you the same experience like you would at home. You can keep your coffee warm and have enough for a day trip to the lake or a long weekend in the woods. The ample space on the items allows personalised touches, for instance, engraved initials or texts and logo. One of the impressive gift ideas to boost your branding.

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag, corporate event

And you can never go wrong with customised tumblers:

Stainless Steel Portable Tumbler


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Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle with Bamboo Lid


Why we recommend it: Sophisticated and easy-carry tumblers are here to stay. Enjoy your favourite beverage on-the-go with these gorgeous tumblers and flasks. Endless designs and shapes to choose from, we just don’t have a reason not to recommend this one. 

Ideal for: client gift, employee swag

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Looking for more tumbler design ideas to complement your corporate gifts?

We have you covered!

A classic tumbler that never goes out of style — keeps your beverage stored at the right temperature even when you’re on-the-go! Anti-leak, spill-proof and easy to use. 

If you want to add more creative elements to your promotional tumblers and flasks — but are not quite sure how to get things started — speak to us today to find out how to do it the cool way.

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For your company happy hour

Dazzle your clients with exclusive and sleek corporate gifts that showcase nothing, but luxury and personalisation. Whether it’s an appreciation gesture to celebrate and commemorate special company milestones with your loyal clients, or a reason to raise the glass and “cheers” to a successful campaign with your team members — wine accessories or customised whiskey sets are some of the gift ideas to let your recipients know how much you value their support. 

  1. Personalised Whiskey Sets

  2. Branded Wine Accessories

  3. Personalised Beer Set in Wooden Gift Box

Personalised Whiskey Sets


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Why we recommend it: A personalised whiskey set in a classy wooden box brilliantly lets your business clients and associates know just how much you value them. Make a classy statement with this corporate whiskey set, containing essential items that enhance the pleasure of enjoying a wind-down whiskey at the end of the day. Whiskey connoisseurs will surely appreciate these high-quality whiskey stones as well as elegant scotch glasses, included in the set. 

A rewarding gift set for your recipients and an impactful item that promotes your business — presenting a multitude of opportunities to solidify important business relationships.

Ideal for: client gift, employee retirement gift, company party/outdoor events

Branded Wine Accessories

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Why we recommend it: Showcase your attention to details by gifting a comprehensive wine set to say “Thank You” that echoes sophistication and elegance. A multi purpose wine set which includes the wine accessories, ready to give in a custom gift box. Easily add your company logo, or any personalised text — a perfect gesture to show your appreciation, an impactful branding tool.

Ideal for: client gift, employee retirement gift, company party/outdoor events, wineries

Personalised Beer Set in Wooden Gift Box

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Why we recommend it: A great business idea for staff appreciation gifts or corporate gifts for your clients. Add your company logo on a stylish and classy wooden box or cardboard box. Classic with a touch of elegant sophistication, this personalised beer set consists of a beer mug, coupled with a wooden bottle opener. 

Ideal for: client gift, employee appreciation gift, company party/outdoor events


Closing Thoughts

What makes a good corporate gift? We believe it showcases a memorable experience on top of a lasting impression. This act of polite gesture to express appreciation and gratitude increases feelings of reciprocity and trust — ultimately achieving higher customer loyalty, increased referral rates, and improved employee retention.

Take the same you would with any other gift: your objective is to want your recipient to genuinely enjoy it. And you want the gift to come across as meaningful. At the end of the day, the main considerations of deciding the ideal gift don’t run away from the design impact, functionality, representation, cost-effectiveness — as well as, material quality and product durability. Although gift choices are getting more by the day, you would want to select the gift that reflects your company’s values in a thoughtful way. 

We understand you are constantly looking for something distinctive, one-of-a-kind to enhance your brand visibility — and ultimately, elevate your sales volume. If you’d love to find out more about any one of the corporate gift ideas we have shared in this article, just
put our team to work — and our product and gift experts are more than happy to fill you in.

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