Container Premiums Ideas


Containers remain one of the most popular giveaways for household products. The two common types of containers are the glass and plastics containers, with uses varying from Biscuit Jars (attached Ribena promotion), lunch boxes, milk powder containers and many others.

 Giving out containers as free premiums has the following benefits:

1) Containers are versatile. There is no fixated use for containers. We can use it to keep different items, ranging from food to stationery. Containers are also reusable for many purposes. Thus when the free gift is a container, consumer will feel that it is ultimately worthwhile to purchase the product, as he will definitely find a use for the container. 

2) Containers have ample space for product advertising. Take the Ribena container for exmaple, we are able to customise the Ribena branding all over the container, which helps to raise the brand awareness. 

3) Containers are usually of considerable size, which when packaged together with the products on sale, gives the impression that consumers are getting a great deal. Furthermore, the packs will just stand out when placed on the shelves in supermarkets.  It would be hard not to notice them.   

Besides glass and plastics containers, silicone containers & tins are other options you can consider too. Contact DTC to find out more. 

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