Covid-19 & The Demand for Face Masks


In the midst of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic that is griping everyone worldwide, there has been a spike in the demands for medical masks, surgical masks, N95 masks and hand sanitizers all around the world. These masks and hand sanitizers are viewed as necessary to prevent the spread and contraction of this transmittable virus.


Face masks, not as highly regarded in the past (except when there is a haze situation), has now become a highly sought-after item. Companies and organisations are all securing face masks for their employees. Similarly, gifting face masks as a marketing premium now will be well-liked by consumers too.

There are 2 main types face masks:

Disposable masks - The medical masks & N95 masks are basically disposable masks. Users are required to dispose of them after each use.

-- N95 masks are known to be effective in combating hazy weather and for use when there is air pollution.

-- Medical & Surgical masks are most commonly used during this Covid-19 situation. However, priority of these masks should be given to the medical staff. Doctors, Nurses and Medical Staff working at the various medical facilities will need these masks more than the general public.

These disposable masks are generally plain-looking, and may not be the ideal marketing item that you are looking for. 

Cloth masks – These cloth facial masks are washable and reusable (not shareable, of course). There are the pleated cloth mask and the 3D cloth mask. For the filter capability, you can select either the insert-filter (need to change the filter in the inner pocket daily), or the built-in filter (just need to wash the whole mask).  

Received this as a gift. The fun design is so cute, no one can resist taking another look at it. 

In our opinion, cloth masks are more suited as gifts. Below are some of the benefits.

1) Prevents Wastage: As it is likely that we are only wearing the masks when we are out, sometimes only for short periods of time, using the disposable face masks seems rather wasteful. Even in difficult times like this, we can also try our best to play a part in contributing to a more sustainable environment. Using a reusable cloth mask definitely sounds like a good alternative now.

2) Branding Feasibility: Cloth masks is similar to apparels such as T-shirts, Caps and Uniforms. We can select the color of fabric, and customised logos on the masks. And when people wear it outside, it boosts your brand exposure too, on top on providing some comfort on protection to your customers.

3) Appeals to all Ages: Adults will prefer more subtle designs, while kids will love brightly-colored or even cartoon characters-themed designs. There are unlimited possibilities of customisation that can cater to the different target audiences.

4) Indication of Product/Company’s Caring motto: Gifting masks to partners, customers, friends and family will resonate with many, reflecting the organisation’s stance on being caring.


As the pandemic situation is expected to worsen in the coming couple of months, we sincerely hope that everyone takes good care and be socially responsible, masked-up when necessary. DTC staff is still contactable via phone calls & emails, albeit taking all the necessary precautions. Do email us for any queries, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: This blog space is where DTC shares with our readers the Marketing Premiums, Promotional Products, POSM merchandises & Advertising Campaigns that we have come across in the industry. DTC does not advocate any brands or products mentioned in the blogs.