Creative Notebooks Ideas for Marketing Giveaways


Giving promotional gifts to your clients is an excellent strategy to keep your business at the forefront of their minds. There is no doubting that the commercial world of today is a very competitive one. This is even more true when you consider the contributions that the Internet has made to the discussion. The Internet has enabled small businesses with modest marketing resources to enhance their brand awareness and brand exposure on social media such as the Facebook, to compete with larger businesses with vast marketing budgets in all sorts of virtual events.


This clearly changes the dynamic of the situation. You may be wondering, "How can I get ahead for my branding?" "How to reach out to more followers?" "How to create a lasting impression?"


It may come as a surprise to realize that recognition is often a key factor in achieving economic success. It is likely that you will lose business if a potential customer cannot recall the name of your brand. Because, if that's the case, how will they be able to locate you?


This is exactly when promotional giveaways and corporate gift / swag, particularly notebooks, come in helpful.

But not just any notebook! A notebook that your clients will remember your brand every time they use it, and preferably one that they love to use on a daily basis.


Here are some interesting notebook designs, gift ideas that you may want to incorporate into your brand as promotional merchandise / promotional items:


Inflatable Pillow Notebook


This notebook serves a dual purpose! It is plushy on the outside which can be used as a pillow as well as a notebook. This notebook provides a great way to help your brand get its reach and engagement because consumers would want something unique from your brand. This notebook is great for productivity and at the same time for relaxing. Print your brand or company logo on it, and your brand will always come to consumers' minds when they rest on this Inflatable Pillow Notebook.

Lego Notebook


The brightly colored latch contrasts with the cover nicely, along with an addition piece of detachable silicon 'block' that allows one to create a different look for your notebook everyday. This Lego Notebook is perfect as promotional giveaway items; you can add your brand custom logo on the cover. Every time a consumer uses it, the consumer will remember your brand.

Bamboo Notebook

This Bamboo Notebook is the perfect eco friendly gift with purchase for brands whose business is more inclined to environmental awareness and nature or when brands launch a promotional product that is eco-friendly and cruelty-free.


Sequin Journal

Giving out this Sequin Journal is an excellent way for beauty brands to draw attention to their latest product launch, event feature or marketing campaigns. They are stylish and chic, representing the latest trends in the market. Your customer will definitely bring it around with them


Custom Laser-Cut Wooden Notebook



This Custom Laser-Cut Wooden Notebook is perfect as a promotional gift because brands can laser cut their logo or mascot on the notebook cover. This is perfect for any company that wants to do free giveaways for Earth Day, or as event giveaways for attendees.


Fluffy Notebook



The owner of this Fluffy Notebook can keep the pages from getting creased thanks to the thick plush cover, which also looks amazing, and the smooth paper, which provides a wonderful writing experience. This is a great gift with purchase for Back to School for establishments!


Pop It Notebook


Who can resist the Pop It Notebook? This Pop It Notebook sports the popular visuals of the Pop It toy. Perfect size to simulate a real Pop It while holding all of the notes and useful information one needs!


Jigsaw Puzzle Notebook

This Jigsaw Puzzle Notebook may be taken apart for easy fun. One can play the puzzle while waiting for meetings or classes to begin. Add fun element to your brand by giving this as promotional giveaway.


There is no doubting that digital marketing has altered the method in which people market and conduct business in today's world. Any marketing effort, regardless of its method or magnitude, is, nonetheless, still a significant financial investment. If a company wants to succeed in today's competitive business environment, it must attract new clients. However, they must also ensure that existing clients continue to do business with them. Of course, this is more difficult than it appears.


Normally, if you have already sold a product to a consumer and they are satisfied with it, you would expect them to return. Unfortunately, this is not always the case nowadays, due to a large number of options available to buyers. Gifts such as promotional notebooks, on the other hand, can serve to foster engagement and credibility.


This will, in reality, encourage these clients to return time and time again in the future.


Here at DTC World, we can give you good quality and interesting notebook ideas and other giveaway ideas for your promotional gifts. We can customize and personalize them to your brands. Visit our webpage to know more!

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