How Dutch Lady Captivates Kids & Parents with Promotional Meal Sets


Saw this whole shelf full of different flavours of Dutch Lady milk packets while shopping at a supermarket in Kuala Lumpur. The whole vibrancy of the layout & design caught our attention. After all, consumers are prone to checking out products that appeal to them visually.


And this is the first (and vital) reason why this promotion is successful: Use of Conspicuous Advertising Board. In order to entice consumers to walk in your way, to find out what are the products on display, what is the promotion about, having an advertising display board that stands out definitely helps.  

On closer look, we have found out the second reason why this promotion is so likeable: it is the Innovative Promotional Gift that is being offered. Able to guess what are these cute Buddy Meal Sets? Well, they are actually made up of kids’ bowls and mugs, shaped like adorable characters when stacked together. This promotional gift idea not only tempts adults to find out what the sets are made up of, it also entices kids to want to own the meal sets. 

Furthermore, there are 3 different designs, making the promotional gifts into Collectibles. The benefit of having more designs for a promotion gift is that it spurs consumers to make the purchases, with the motive of collecting all the designs available. For this Dutch Lady promotion, customers are able to get a meal set with minimum purchase of RM30. They will then be more willing to make more purchases, or try more flavours of the milk, both resulting in increased sales for Dutch Lady.

The last point we like about this promotion campaign is that besides the big nice display board at the top of the display shelf, there are the smaller adverts printed on card paper, placed on every row on the rack. Don’t underestimate these small adverts. Kids will take notice of them (this is important as Dutch Lady milk is mainly targeted at young children). And they brighten up the whole shelf!


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