How Kit Kat Captures Our Eyes with Brilliant Display


Have you seen this attractive set-up in supermarkets? The eye-catching display not only appeals to young children, even adults will be attempted to walk over to the shelve to take a look.

Reasons why Kit Kat has done a good job for this campaign:

Use of Disney Characters Relates to Consumers

For the Asians, especially the Chinese, 2020 is the year for zodiac Rats (Mouse). With the celebrations on Chinese New Year, consumers are more prone to buying stuff related to this zodiac sign. And Mickey & Minnie Mouse are so CUTE! 

Look at these Minnie Mouse shaped containers! The Kit Kat placed in these containers can just be served to guests conveniently. 

Functionality of the Containers

The Mickey & Minnie Mouse shaped containers are useful for storing other items besides Kit Kat. All the more it seems value-for-money for consumers to make purchases to collect the containers.

Collectibles Appeal to Consumers

The Mouse-shaped containers are only a portion of the whole promotion campaign. There is also the colourful and attractive Pencil Tins. This will definitely nudge consumers to buy few more packets of Kit Kat in order to collect them all. After all, during the festive period, it doesn't harm to eat more chocolates. 


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