How Maggi Promo Pack Makes Customers Happy


An integral motive of any promotion campaign is to make customers happy, leading to increased sales, which is a key performance indicator of how successful the promotion is.  

For this MAGGI HAPPY PASTA PROMO PACK, upon purchasing this box containing 10 packs of Maggi Pasta, customers are able to get a free gift of Electric Portable Cooker (worth S$29.90). Sounds like a good deal!

This is an illustration of an effective promotion campaign that has enabled Maggi to raise the brand and product awareness of MAGGI Pasta, and also, making customers happy. Here are the reasons why:

1) Value-for-Money: Electric Portable Cooker, being an electrical appliance, is perceived to have a relatively high value. Getting it as free gift seems like a good bargain. Even if for this promotion pack, a customer will need to buy not 2 or 3, but 10 packs of Maggi Pasta, the customer will also feel this is worth it. Furthermore, 10 packs of Maggi Pasta, boxed together with a portable cooker, the whole package is so big that the customer will smile while carrying it to the cashier. 

2) Practical Choice of Free Gift: When consumers think of Maggi products, they will link it to ready-made, convenient & fast-to-cook food, which are just what the busy working adults need due to their hectic schedules. For consumers who want to try out the fast-to-cook Maggi Pasta, there is also a likelihood that they will have use for the electric portable cooker, for fast preparation of meals amidst their busy work life

3) Raise Brand & Product Awareness: In this single promo pack, there are 4 flavours of the pasta available. Thus Maggi is able to create awareness for the different flavours at one go! 


4) Cute Designs: The simple yet cute design of the free electric portable cooker simply makes it harder for consumers to resist the purchase. The whole adorable packaging design, coupled with the sturdy packaging box with handle, also makes it convenient for consumers' carriage. In this promo, the design of the packaging box is vital, and this is where having a good Design Team is important. 

This promotion campaign is apt for launching of new products, allowing consumers to try out the various flavours, increasing the product awareness, yet simultaneously, customers feel that they are getting a good offer out of this. 

A point to take note of, is that for electrical appliances, there is a need to source for reliable products. DTC has a vast network of factories and suppliers in the APAC region, and we ensure that our suppliers are certified for the products they produce. In addition, we have our own in-house Design Team who is able to design an attractive customised packaging box for your promotion.

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