Ice Cream Stays Cool with Cooler Bag

Happened to chance upon two promotions on two different brands of ice-cream, and coincidentally, both have the same giveaway – Cooler Bags!

The first promotion: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Customers will be able to get a free Ben & Jerry’s Cooler Bag with every purchase of SGD30 worth of Ben & Jerry’s products.

The second promotion: Häagen-Dazs – party pack promotion. With every purchase of Frozen II Party Pack retailing at around SGD30, consisting of 10 mini ice-cream cups, consumers will be able to receive a limited edition Frozen II Cooler Bag

Valuable learning points from these two promotions:

1) Usage of well-known iconic characters & designs for the cooler bag premiums:

As mentioned earlier in our previous blogs, FROZEN is so popular that almost all kids and adults know about it. Given its celebrity effect on kids, chances that parents will want to get merchandise with this design are high. As for Ben & Jerry’s, this brand will pop out when we think of ice-creams. Using Ben & Jerry’s designs on merchandise, definitely promotes the brand remembrance.

2) Practicality of Cooler Bags:

It is easy to resonate Ice-Cream with Cooler Bag, ensuring the ice-cream doesn’t melt! And with the Cooler Bags, packaging for the bundle of ice-cream products is made easier too.

Besides ice-cream, Cooler Bags can also be used for other items. When we need to bring drinks and food items outdoor, putting them all in a Cooler Bag is so convenient. Therefore, given the versatile usage of cooler bags, consumers wouldn’t mind spending more to receive it as free gift.

Furthermore, when consumers bring the cooler bags out, this serves as bonus brand exposure too.

3) Easy Storage

We know what most housemakers are thinking about. Maintaining tidiness at home is not an easy task, they don’t want to get merchandise that will take up storage space at home. Well, Cooler Bags, commonly made of polyester on the exterior, foil or foam for the interior, can be cleaned, folded and stored without much hassle.


Cooler bags can be customised into a variety of shapes and sizes. Tempted to design one for your marketing or branding needs? Feel free to contact DTC for any query! 

Disclaimer: This blog space is where DTC shares with our readers the Marketing Premiums, Promotional Products, POSM merchandises & Advertising Campaigns that we have come across in the industry. DTC does not advocate any brands or products mentioned in the blogs.