Lunar New Year Essentials


The Lunar New Year (CNY) is one of the most important celebrations for the Chinese communities worldwide. From spring cleaning to reunion dinners and guests-hosting, there is a need to stock up on cleaning equipment, food ingredients, beverages & CNY goodies. 

How to make customers satisfied from shopping at your retail outlets?

Well, redemption of CNY essentials is the best strategy. For the campaign above, Abalone is definitely almost present in many families' steamboats and Loi Hei during reunion dinners; Pineapple represents fortune & prosperity. Gifting it as a cute little plush toy is such a creative ides. 

Here are some of the popular items for redemption:

1. Red Packets: There are just so many ways of designing these brightly-colored angpows, to ensure that yours sure stand out

2. Mandarin Orange Carriers: Everyone would love a nice carrier, that you can conveniently bring along when you go house-visiting. Even after the festive period, the carrier can be used for other purposes. 

Interested to find out what are the red packet & orange carrier designs that DTC has done before? Feel feel to contact us!

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