Mama Lemon Goes All Out To Win Market Share


Mama Lemon brand of dish-washing detergents are being used by many households, capturing quite a fair bit of market share. 

A significant attributing factor is that Mama Lemon offers different marketing premiums across the various dish-washing detergents under its' umbrella. 

  • Remember there was a previous post on Mama Lemon Dishwashing Liquid, where there was an on-pack promotion of bowls ( Mama Lemon Dishwashing Liquid + Bowls On-Pack Promo)? That was for the lemon flavored dish-washing liquid. 
  • This on-pack promotion (as pictured) is for green tea flavored. Imagine getting gifts as long as it is Mama Lemon brand! This will leave a good impression on consumers. 

Another success factor is the availability of options for the on-pack promotions. In this case, the Airtight Tempered Glass Container is available in either transparent or non-transparent lid, thereby allowing consumers to feel that they have a choice even for the free gifts. 

The last factor will be brand Luminarc glassware for the free gift. It is a reputable glassware brand, durable and elegant for use. 

It may seem daunting embarking on a series of promotions for your products. At DTC, our Sales & Design Teams has vast experiences in proposing and sourcing for suitable yet cost-effective premiums, that are unique to your products. Do contact us to find out more!


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