NESCAFÉ Gold & Bamboo Flask - A Blending Combination


This Nescafe Gold on-pack promotion caught our attention at first sight.

The whole packaging emitted an aura of elegance for the brand. On closer look, we realized the 2 reasons why.

1) The free gift with purchase is the Bamboo Thermal Flask. The rustic bamboo color and engraving of NESCAFÉ on the flask, with the stainless steel lid, gives the flask an overall natural yet premium demeanor.

2) The colors of the NESCAFÉ Gold glass container packaging is almost identical and homogeneous to that of the Bamboo Flask (which reflects the premium appearance of NESCAFÉ packaging too!) What a clever and apt choice of free gift. 

Next, here are some of the benefits of Bamboo Thermal Flask:

1) They are Eco-friendly, Earth-friendly. As consumers are becoming more conscious of the climate change and environment, more are using own bottles & cups, less of disposable cups. Having a durable, reusable and nice-looking flask will make your quest in eco-life much convenient. 

2) There is a inner stainless steel lining, keeping your beverages hot or cold for your consumption. 

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