Top Promotional Product Trends in 2022 for your Brand Marketing


Keeping up with the hottest new trends is a challenge, especially when it comes to promotional materials and marketing gift ideas. A promotional item can be in high demand one minute, and then out of style the next.

It is difficult to overstate the impact of promotional product giveaways. Utilizing something tangible that you can hold in your hands has a greater impact than traditional forms of media like advertising.

Marketing Trends are ever-evolving. 

Marketing and promotional gift trends are constantly changing. It is critical for marketers to respond to and keep abreast of shifts in client priorities and preferences as they occur. Keep in mind the below trends when planning your 2022 marketing campaigns.

Here are some promotional gifts trend you should watch out for in 2022:

Checkers/Chess On The Go Drawstring

Have some fun while you are on the go. Give out this 2 in 1 drawstring chess or checkers game drawstring bag. Use the drawstring bag to carry your daily essentials. Feeling bored? Well, turn the bag around to have a chess game with your friend. Make sure to include your company name or logo to ensure maximum visibility. Customers will be delighted by this fantastic item!

As everyone is placing greater importance on physical and mental wellness, engaging in more activities outdoor, incorporating outdoor activities promotional gifts is the way to be. These gifts and accessories are especially handy when catering to the camping, vacationing, and nature-loving crowds. Your brand logo can easily be printed on the promotional items, a great way to create brand awareness as well.

Bottle Opener Stainless Steel Cup

Create noise in social media with this stainless steel cup that comes with a stainless steel base with built-in bottle openers. Suitable for beer to soda brands to use as gift with purchase. Customize with your logo and promote the fun side of your brand in 2022.

Customized Sling Bag

The trend of mini bags is here to stay in 2022. This mini sling bag has enough capacity to hold one’s daily essentials. Add some fun elements by customizing this sling bag with your product packaging. Create nostalgic feeling by customizing the print with your old packaging, reminding customers that your brand has been around for a long time. Looking for gift ideas to promote new flavor or product, this is definitely the #1 choice. Serves as a constant reminder for your customers about your brand.

Customized Webcam Cover

As we move more into online meetings and virtual events, it is important to have webcam cover to protect our privacy. Gift this customized webcam cover as your marketing gift, or as event gift to attendees for your online webinars. Customers bound to use them immediately. You can now customize the webcam cover according tor your product design or logo design. This personalized webcam cover generates more brand impressions than any other product available on the market right now. 

Professional Egg Ring Set

As we are working from home, we have now more time to prepare own breakfast. This is the tool one need to make the perfect sunny side up. The egg ring is constructed of sturdy stainless steel and is used to round the eggs into a circular shape. The perfect promotional gift to consider for 2022, especially for brands that are related to cooking or breakfast.

During the pandemic period, many have got into cooking and baking. Why not give promotional cooking and baking gifts for your brand? Home products like cooking and baking items have been in increased demand, being popular promotional product and presents for businesses in recent years.

Collapsible Water Bottle  

As we focus more into healthy lifestyle and wellness, it is necessary to have the habit of drinking more water. Offer customers a practical way to stay hydrated on the go with the customizable Collapsible Water Bottle. The collapsible design allows for easy storage whether one is heading off to the gym, office or just enjoying the outdoors.

Reusable and eco-friendly gifts like this silicone collapsible water bottle are sure to appeal to the millennials and gen z, whom many are passionate about contributing to sustainability for our future generations. Upload your logo to the printing area and create a special promotion for your next campaign. 

Can Cooler with Bottle Opener

Worry about hurting your hand when holding the cold drink? Unable to find the bottle opener to open the drink? We got you all covered. This Can Cooler with Bottle Opener can help to keep the drink cold while protecting your hands; also comes with an elastic strap to hold the bottle/ can opener. Provides large branding area, able to customize according to your brand colours. This Can Cooler makes a wonderful promotional giveaway item for any business that manufactures or distributes canned or bottled beverages. This will be a suitable event giveaway. 

Pop It Keychain

This is the keychain version of this hugely popular tend that behaves like reusable bubble wrap. This fidget toy is immensely satisfying to use, and is proving to be a big hit. Attached to keys, bags or anything with a loop. This pocket-size promotional item is perfect for reducing stress, anxiety and boredom. Finish with your logo and give as free giveaway for your next campaign.

Color Changing Ceramic Cup

This color-changing ceramic cup will capture consumer’s attention because it changes color when served with hot beverage. All you need to do is to have the cup customized to your preferred design and you're set!

Water Bottle with Pill Organizer

Due to Covid-19, more people are being more health conscious and start to take health supplements. Water bottles with pill organizers helps to remind one to stay hydrated and take their supplements on time. Being both functional and stylish, this is a giveaway that your customers can use daily. Suitable for beverage and pharmaceutical brands.

Key Takeaways:

Keeping up with the latest trends communicates to customers and partners that your organization is forward-thinking and progressive. Don't stress, you don't have to have a product from every category to be likely to succeed. Find products that are supportive of your company values or brand spirit, that engage with your targeted customers based on their identity and interests, and that is within your financial limitations.

Here in DTC World, we have got you covered! We are up to date with the latest trends coming this 2022. We can offer you the best, high quality promotional products that we can customize to your company’s brand or product label.

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