Unilever Fun Pack


When a company has several brands of products under its wing, an effective way of promoting sales for all these same-family brands is to bundle them up together!

This Unilever Fun Pack promotion in Singapore catches our attention at first sight because of the eye-catching and adorable design.

A little background on the designs used in this promotion campaign: it is a collaboration between Lifebuoy (under Unilever) and THE SINGAPOREAN DREAM (by SGAG). The designs are adapted on items such as tote bags, hand sanitiser sleeves & cushions, which form part the Fun Pack. The rest of the items included in the Fun Pack are other brands of products under Unilever.   


Useful learning points from this Unilever Fun Pack promotion:

Availability Online

More consumers are now shopping online, even for daily necessities or groceries (due to the COVID-19 pandemic). For many businesses, having the option for consumers to purchase online allows for outreach to a greater pool of potential consumers, and it also offers more convenience.

Promoting Sales for products under Unilever

To be eligible for getting the free Fun Pack, one will need to buy at least S$35 of some Unilever products. This will entice consumers to buy these Unilever products, which translate into more sales volume!

Increase Publicity for Unilever products

When consumers have to purchase S$35 of Unilever products, they will consciously try to find out which brand belongs to Unilever. And when consumers receive the Fun Pack, all the Unilever products’ brands undergo further marketing too! These will allow more consumers to “learn” more about Unilever & its products. This elevated the Unilever brand name as a whole.  


Having an essential pack or fun pack seems to be in the trend now.

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