Unique Corporate Gift Ideas Guaranteed To WOW Your Business Clients In 2022


Client gifts aren’t just a gesture; they’re also a smart business move. Sending customer appreciation gifts to your clients helps keep your company top of mind while showing valuable customers that you care enough about their business to spend money on them. 

When selecting gifts for clients, it’s important they don’t feel mass-produced. Always include personal touches, whether that be a handwritten note or a personalized logo on the gift itself. Take things a step further and give gifts that speak to their interests and tastes.

Here are some of our favourite gift categories for clients that can easily be customized based on your personas:

Click on the product names below to view the products in detail. 

Stackable Tea Pot with Cup Set  

Must have for tea lover clients! Designed as a space-saver. This clever set fits right in at your customer’s home or office. 

Passport Holder with Top Snap Closure

Must have for clients who love traveling! Passport holder with "snap" closure gives a touch of style to a high-quality design accessory.

Conundrum Wine Decanter  

Perfect gift for wine lover clients! This stunning decanter comes with an elegant stainless steel base.

Auto Tracking Tripod

Perfect for clients who love digital gadgets! Turn your smartphone into a cameraman! 

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (600MAH)  

Looking for gifts for clients who love music? Wow your clients with this compact, sleek looking corporate gift.

Mushroom Portable Laptop Stand   

A must have corporate gift for a client who spends long hours in front of his laptop. Portable and handy mushroom stand for daily work and travel. 

Magnet Wireless Powerbank with Phone Stand 

Get a quick and easy power boost with this slim and portable 5000 mAh power bank; it can snap magnetically onto one’s phone.

Perfect business gift for clients who are always on the go.

Snakes And Bladdered Board Game  

Looking for a fun corporate gift for clients who love parties? Your client will enjoy this awesome party game.

Stationery holder cum wireless charger  

Suitable for minimalist customers. Keeping everything neat and sleek at your work or home working station. 

Business Gift Set

Does your client emphasize on a healthy lifestyle? Perfect 3 in 1 care pack that covers all aspects; from relaxation, fitness, to hydration.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you must make sure that your corporate gifts are truly unique. That's why we have put together a list of some of the best gifts for businesses in 2022 that are guaranteed to impress your clients and business partners. These gifts will be suitable for any occasion, from birthdays to promotions and everything in between, and they are  extremely useful and practical. 

We hope this blog post helps you with choosing the right gift for your clients and business partners! Contact DTC World now to source the gifts. We can help to design, source, produce and deliver the gifts to you without any hassle .

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