What is Jute? The Ultimate Guide!


What is Jute? Why do we love jute products so much?

When we first decided to look beyond our popular non-woven and cotton material, we soon discovered that as good as cotton was in terms of sustainability, there was another fabric that rates even better in the sustainable eco-friendly world.

We started to hear about jute. "What is Jute?", we asked. And then made it our mission to find out why it's on everybody's radar.

Jute fabric is a type of textile fiber made from the jute plant.

It's easy to produce, sturdy, and biodegradable so it's the perfect material to use to make bags, rugs, laundry baskets, and aprons.

Cotton takes the title of most-produced plant-based fiber, but jute is a close second. But the best thing about jute is it uses way less water to produce, and the production of jute is much more eco-friendly than any other fabric.

Because of this, we believe jute deserves to be named as the Number One material in the world!

Jute fiber is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, and does not create toxic gas when burned. This means your jute products such as rugs, mats, bags and carry bags, can also go straight back into the compost when they are too old to be of use anymore, or recycle them in your garden beds as weed matting.

How is Jute Fabric made?

1. Harvesting: Mature jute stalks are harvested by hand, crops are kept in the field for defoliation.

2. Defoliating: They are then defoliated

3. Retting: To remove the non-fibrous material from the stem and skin of the jute stalk. Retting softens the stalks and makes it possible to separate the fibrous material from the unusable material by hand.

4. Separating and combing: After the jute stalks have been retted, they are separated into long silky fibers and then combed into long strings.

5. Spinning: these combed fibers are then spun into yarn

6. Finishing: The fibers may then be subjected to a variety of chemical processes to dye it, provide with water resistance, or make it fire resistant.

7. Weaving: The finished reels of jute fiber are then shipped out to textile production facilities to be woven into apparel or industrial textiles.

Product Categories for Jute

Jute Bags

Shopping Bag, Travel Bag, Pouch, Laptop Bag, Sling Bag, Backpack, Wine Holder, Cooler Bag, Tote Bag

Jute Stationery

Folder Holder, Magazine Holder, Travel Organizer, Stationery Holder, Organizer Box, Pencil Pouch, Document Folder

Jute Apparel

T-Shirt, Aprons, Jacket

Jute Furnishing

Mats, Storage Basket, Cushion Covers, Placemat, Coaster Set

DTC has expanded our Eco Product range to include jute products - and they've been popular since day one. We love our jute products so much that we want to share with you. Jute fabric surprised us, and we've fallen deeply in love with them. We hope you will too!

Contact DTC today to enquire on our Jute products range.

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