Aperol Spritz - Illuminating Brand Promotion with LED Display Counter

Aperol Spritz - Illuminating Brand Promotion with LED Display Counter

Brand: Aperol Spritz



In a vibrant campaign tailored to enhance brand presence and audience engagement, Aperol Spritz collaborated with DTC World to create a customised LED Display Counter. This innovative project highlights our expertise in providing tailored point-of-sale merchandise that not only serves a functional purpose but also significantly amplifies promotional impact. 

The Aperol Spritz LED Display Counter serves as an eye-catching booth, thoughtfully engineered to showcase the vibrant variety of Aperol Spritz beverages. It’s not just a point of sale; it transforms into a dynamic display platform, inviting patrons to explore the diverse and colourful world of Aperol Spritz drinks. This bespoke booth elevates the drink presentation to an art form, ensuring each Aperol Spritz variant is displayed in its full glory, making the counter a hub of curiosity and engagement at any event. The design intricately balances brand aesthetics with practicality, creating a lively space where attendees are drawn to discover and enjoy the acclaimed beverage variations that Aperol Spritz proudly offers. This posm counter display is ideal for a variety of events ranging from high-energy festivals to intimate gathering spots. The counter is not just a structure but a beacon of the brand, resonating with the lively and social spirit of Aperol Spritz. 

Aperol Spritz LED Display Counter

The counter features custom designs that embody the Aperol Spritz brand, including its signature orange color that evokes a sense of warmth and festivity. The integration of striking LED signs not only enhances visibility but also enriches the night-time event ambiance, making Aperol Spritz the luminary focus of any event.

The Results:

Increased Visibility: The bespoke LED Display Counter, with its vivid colors and radiant lighting, ensures that Aperol Spritz stands out at any event, increasing brand visibility and attracting potential customers from across the venue.

Branding and Awareness: The consistent use of brand colours and logos across the counter reinforces brand identity, helping to build a stronger connection with the audience. This continuous exposure serves as a powerful tool for brand recall and loyalty. 

Engagement and Interaction: The functional aspect of the counter as a serving booth fosters direct interaction with consumers, offering a memorable brand experience that goes beyond traditional advertising. The unique design and functionality of the counter encourage visitors to share their experiences on social media, thus extending the brand's reach. 

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


Our collaboration with Aperol Spritz on this custom LED Display Counter exemplifies how innovative, customised point-of-sale merchandise can play a pivotal role in transforming promotional marketing and events. This project not only delivered on its promise of increased visibility and engagement but also set a benchmark for future collaborations, demonstrating our ability to turn creative concepts into tangible, impactful marketing tools that resonate well with trade and brand marketers. 

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