Breeze Shopping Trolley

Brand: Breeze, Unilever


Breeze is a household product brand. In order to enhance the brand's sales, brand marketers needed to give shoppers a reason to purchase Breeze products at the trade channels. They were able to achieve this by having a promotional campaign in Singapore, giving shoppers a shopping trolley that was customised with Breeze logo and branding. The shopping trolleys were then given out for free when shoppers purchased Breeze products.


DTC World supplied these Breeze Shopping Trolleys that were used as Unilever's promotional merchandise. The product is designed to be sturdy, functional and attractive. The trolley has a durable finish that enables it to withstand regular use. The design of the trolley is based on the Breeze brand design, increasing brand exposure when the trolleys are reused repeatedly by consumers. This Breeze Shopping Trolley has served as an effective promotional tool to promote the Breeze brand and products. 


DTC Support: Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics.


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