Customised Corporate Gifts: Heineken Malaysia's DEI Commitment

Heineken MY DEI corporate gifts

Client: Heineken Malaysia



In a commendable initiative to foster a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion within its corporate environment, Heineken Malaysia has embarked on a significant internal campaign: Heineken Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) campaign. Understanding the profound impact of tangible symbols in promoting and sustaining the values of DEI, DTC World has been enagged to create a series of attractive corporate gifts. These are not just gifts; they are a commitment, a message, and a tool to advance the crucial DEI conversation in the workplace. 

The Heineken DEI gifts for the campaign endorsers is a carefully crafted collection that includes: 

Heineken MY DEI Tote BagHeineken MY DEI Laptop SleeveHeineken MY DEI Thermal Bottle

Custom design Tote Bags, Laptop Sleeves, Thermal Bottles. Ensuring each product aligns perfectly with the DEI theme. 

Heineken MY DEI Pin BadgeHeineken MY DEI Cushion Heineken MY DEI Cable Cord Cover

Custom shaped Badges, Plush Cushion, Cable Cord Cover. Each item is designed to be not just a tool of convenience but a constant reminder of the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Each item, adorned with special Heineken DEI motifs and designs, serves not only as a functional accessory but also as a symbol of Heineken’s dedication to promoting an inclusive culture. The corporate gifts serve as everyday essentials that carry a deeper meaning, embodying the significance of the occasion and the values they represent.

Through the Heineken DEI corporate gift series, Heineken Malaysia sought to honour  and appreciate the individuals championing these values within the company, making a clear statement about the brand's commitment to a more inclusive and equitable world.

The Results:

Enhanced Employee Engagement: The DEI corporate gift series elevated the sense of belonging and appreciation among Heineken Malaysia’s staff, reinforcing the significance of diversity and inclusion within the workplace. As memorable and practical tokens, the gifts powerfully underscored each employee’s role in cultivating an inclusive culture, resulting in boosted morale and company-wide engagement.

Strengthened Brand Image: The thoughtful customisation and quality of the DEI corporate gift series significantly enhanced Heineken Malaysia's brand image. As representatives of the company's core values, the merchandise helped to position Heineken Malaysia as a forward-thinking leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion, appealing to both current employees and prospective talent who prioritise corporate culture in their career choices. 

DTC Services Used:

Design Adaptation, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


Through strategic design and thoughtful execution, the Heineken Malaysia DEI corporate gift series exemplifies how corporate swag can transcend its traditional role, becoming a powerful vehicle for change and a catalyst for inclusivity. At DTC World, we are proud to have been a part of this initiative, furthering our commitment to producing merchandise that not only meets the highest standards of quality but also carries a profound message. 

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