Design of MILO Mini Brick Vans — Exclusive Promotional Merchandise

Brand: MILO


Aesthetically creative, innovative showpiece collectibles. This exquisite collection of era-themed ‘Lego-inspired’ MILO van miniatures is one of the latest creations we have designed for the leading chocolate malt beverage.

Depicting the evolution of the van designs by Milo throughout the years — ie. in the 1950s, 1960s, 1980s, 2011 and today’s — these limited editions of classic van miniatures are true commemorative collectibles to celebrate one’s love for the popular beverage! Presenting a design inspiration that brilliantly captures the original flavour of the household beverage; at the same time, illustrating innovative and artfully creative elements through those Lego-like features — these aesthetically-designed delectable minis are without a doubt much sought after among the FMCG brand’s customers.


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A sure-win promotional merchandise like this never fails to make a lasting impression, even years after your limited-time-only offer or campaign ends. Proudly displayed on a glass cabinet, creativity and innovation that goes into specially designed collectible merchandise solidifies your brand by showcasing a strong brand personality. Launch them along with an exclusive GWP campaign, or as a spend-and-win redemption giveaway, or as a complimentary giveaway to celebrate significant milestones — regardless of the purpose, make sure they make a visual impact.

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