Lifebuoy x Quby: A Strategic Licensed Merchandising Alliance

Brand: Lifebuoy  


In an impactful collaboration with Lifebuoy under Unilever Malaysia, DTC World was entrusted to enhance brand visibility and attract attention through providing quality merchandise for Lifebuoy’s engaging gift-with-purchase campaigns across Malaysia. Our mission was to leverage the universal appeal of Quby, a beloved character, transforming promotional events into memorable brand experiences. The campaigns featured an exclusive range of Quby licensed character designed merchandise, including:

Quby Astronaut PU Pouches

Quby PU Pouches. Designed exclusively for Lifebuoy promotions, these pouches perfectly blend form, function, and fun! 

Quby Lunch Bags

Quby Lunch Bags. These bags bring a playful charm to lunchtime while keeping your brand in the hearts and hands of consumers. 

Quby Travel Organiser Set 

Quby Travel Organiser 4-pc Set. With a unique Quby character on each piece, this set transforms organization into an art, making travel both fun and functional. 

This strategic initiative was rolled out in prominent retail channels, such as Guardian and Watsons outlets, online shopping platforms (i.e. Lazada), positioning it at the heart of consumer interaction. By integrating these promotional gifts with the purchase of Lifebuoy products, a compelling incentive for shoppers was created, enhancing the overall brand experience.

With our comprehensive services encompassing design, sourcing, production, and logistics, we ensured a seamless execution from concept to delivery. Our expertise allowed us to create a cohesive lineup of merchandise that not only met but exceeded Lifebuoy's marketing objectives.

This project exemplifies our expertise in delivering quality licensed character merchandise that captivates audiences and elevates brand promotions. By harnessing the appeal of popular characters and integrating them into high-quality, functional merchandise, we have successfully supported Lifebuoy in achieving outstanding branding awareness and promotional attractiveness.

The Results:

Collectibility: The diverse designs turned these practical items into coveted collectibles, promoting repeat purchases and sustained engagement with the Lifebuoy brand. 

Social Media Buzz: The campaign generated substantial social media hype, with consumers eagerly showcasing their collections online. This organic engagement amplified brand visibility and positioned Lifebuoy as a trendsetter in promotional marketing. 

Brand Loyalty and Awareness: Through strategic product design and quality, the campaign fostered a deeper connection between Lifebuoy and its consumers, resulting in enhanced loyalty and brand recognition. 

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


The Lifebuoy and Quby partnership showcases the power of creative merchandising in connecting brands with their audiences. Through our end-to-end service capabilities, we continue to empower brands like Lifebuoy to stand out in the marketplace, creating memorable branding events that resonate with consumers long after the promotion ends. 

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