Milo Dinosaur and Unicorn Thermal Lunch Bags



Adorable Dinosaur and Unicorn designs on durable thermal lunch bags, designed and produced with children in mind. Children are one of the main target groups of consumers for the Milo products. With these creative and vibrantly-coloured thermal bags, it makes it more convenient for the children to pack packet Milo drinks and lunch boxes to school ! Two main designs are curated to cater to young boys and girls’ preferences. 


Brand your thermal bag / cooler bag with a custom design and remind your customers of your brand every time they use it ! With a durable printing process that lasts long, you can create a cooler bag that is sure to catch the attention of your customers. 


DTC Support:Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics.


Viewproduct Custom Design Insulated Cooler Bag

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