NuVi Writing Boards – Promotional Gifts for Kids

Brand: NuVi, Nutifood 


Promotional gifts for kids are used to promote a brand or product to children. They may take the form of toys, games, clothing, or other products. Marketers may give these gifts to help gain a more loyal customer base and to promote their products. The gifts can be given to both children and parents in an attempt to appeal to various age groups. 

NuVi, one of our clients in Vietnam, offers a range of products for children. DTC World Vietnam team recognises that giving marketing promotional gifts for kids is a great way to get the NuVi brand recognized and associated with a young audience. Our team would also like to create a promotional gift that will resonate with kids; to help spread the word about NuVi's brand and products among children. 

Kids love to have fun and be creative, but there's always so many gadgets and toys trying to catch their attention. So why not give them a writing board instead?

NuVi Writing Tablets - Promotional Gift for Kids

This handy LCD Writing Board for kids is just the right gift for young children. With the push of a button, they can write and draw on it without making a mess. Plus, it shows the brand in a positive way by encouraging healthy habits and keeping kids happy.

NuVi Customised Designs Promotional Gifts for Kids

NuVi Writing Tablets - Promotional Gift for Kids

Each of these NuVi LCD Writing Tablets is fully customised with the brand’s mascots, making it highly identifiable with children, enabling the kids to relate the marketing gifts to the brand easily.   

NuVi Writing Tablets - Promotional Gift for Kids

Besides customised designs, these NuVi kids promotional gifts are made available in 5 vibrant colours, with matching-coloured writing pens printed with NuVi branding. Having a range or collection of promotional gifts  is also a great way to add value to the marketing campaign, as it helps to create an atmosphere of excitement around the promotional campaign. 

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