Singleton Eco-friendly Jute Cooler Bag

Brand: Singleton


Jute Cooler Bag printed with Singleton branding at the front for creating brand awareness. This bag is perfect for holding everything from food to drinks at events. You can also use it as a gift bag! A great way to promote your brand and make an impact on the environment. 


Jute cooler bag is a great eco-friendly marketing and promotional gift because of the following reasons: 

12 jan

* It's environmentally friendly: Jute is a natural resource that is hand-woven, which makes it an environmentally friendly option.

* It's durable and water resistant: The jute fabric is tough and water resistant, making it perfect for carrying food or drinks in hot weather.

* It's affordable: Jute cooler bags are relatively affordable, which means you can afford to give them as gifts to your customers or clients. 

* It has a natural look and feel that makes it stand out from the crowd. 

Read here to know more about Jute:

What is Jute? The Ultimate Guide! 

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