Mini Handheld Fan
Mini Handheld Fan

Mini Handheld Fan


Stay Cool and Visible with the Customisable Mini Handheld Fan - Enhance your promotional tactics with the Mini Handheld Fan, a perfect blend of practicality and exposure. Available in a few vibrant colours, this lightweight and portable fan ensures your brand stays in the hands, and minds, of your target audience. Ideal for outdoor events, trade shows, or as a thoughtful gift-with-purchase item in supermarkets and retail outlets, these fans are not just a relief on a hot day but a dynamic billboard for your brand. Customise each fan with your company’s logo to maximise visibility and strengthen brand recall every time it’s turned on.

Effective Marketing That Generates a Breeze of Opportunities - This Mini Handheld Fan is more than just a gadget to ward off the heat; it's a powerful marketing tool designed to boost campaign ROI and influence shopper behaviour. The simple, user-friendly design ensures it’s a hit among all age groups, making it a universally appealing promotional gift that will keep your audience cool and your brand even cooler. Whether used as corporate swag or as a redemption item in energetic marketing campaigns, these fans promise to offer both utility and repeated brand exposure, keeping your marketing efforts fresh in the air.

Size: 12.7 * 7.9 * 2.15 cm

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