DTC World Corporation is a premiums & POS merchandise solution and global fulfilment company.

The company

We have over two decades of experience in the areas of conceptualisation, product design, sourcing, quality control and fulfilment, while serving some of the largest multinationals globally in their marketing campaigns.

We specialise in developing creative yet grounded concepts. We believe in striking the winning balance between quality & design, cost-effectiveness and brand alignment.

As a company, we continue to embody our sustainability philosophy through our sourcing practices and processes while doing so.

Our Network & Technology

We believe in leveraging on technology such as offering a web portal order system for our clients to better manage their procurement process to achieve cost savings and efficiency. Our robust network of factories in Asia Pacific stems from years of working on different marketing campaigns and strong technical knowledge in the industry.

With our APAC presence and local knowledge, we are poised to support the growth of global brands with world - class merchandise solutions for their marketing campaigns.

Our Mission

To help brand owners create, design, source high quality and cost effective premiums and POS merchandise from start to end.

DTC is here to help, and we have been doing so for decades.

When marketers need proven ideas to deliver effective, end to end Premium & POS merchandise solutions, they give us a call.

Here’s is how we do it!


Marketers and creative agencies often will run out of ideas for delivering effective end to end, premiums and Point-of-Sale merchandise strategies.

DTC World Corporation has over 20 years of experience working with multinationals in developing concepts that support global merchandise strategies and fulfilling them.

Marketers are now able get campaigns off the ground, appeal to their consumers and capture market share!

Our Awards and Certificates

Our Commitment
To Sustainability
Executive Statement

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