We have the supply chain you are looking for.

With a strong presence in APAC and the experience to fulfil globally, DTC is at your service to reach the world cost effectively with quality products.

How do we do it?

The sweet spot is where design meets "delivery".

With technology and cost savings that comes with consolidation, scheduled purchasing and even auctions, managing the supply chain will be a breeze! Let us walk you through how we do that.

Global Fulfilment

Our supply chain spans the globe and it enables your ideas to reach all major and developing markets. We are committed to helping you get your products to its end user in as cost-effective manner and quickly as possible while keeping the ordering process streamlined!

Product Design & Conceptualization

• Our in-house team is at hand to conceptualise ideas and develop them into market viable products quickly & cost effectively.

• The design and recommendations take into consideration your timeline, budget and packaging requirements.

• The ideas we develop are factory friendly so that we keep costs down for you.

Ethical & Sustainable Procurement

• We source materials responsibly as part of our effort to align ourselves with the global shift towards a more sustainable and responsible global supply chain.

• As a company, we are aligned to shift towards a more sustainable and responsible global supply chain. This is reflected in our material sourcing practices and supply chain planning. We know you want to be responsible, let us help!

Sourcing, Quality Control & Logistics

• We have in-house teams that monitor and control the quality of our products. Quality is important for us.

• In bulk or by countries, we take pride in our quality control processes. Having quality products come off the factory line is only one part of the supply chain; we have in house teams that monitor and control the outcome so that you always receive products in good order.

Web Portal Development (Technology Driven)

Our offerings include end to end solutions for global fulfilment via Web Portals for our client’s end users to place procurement orders directly, boosting productivity.

Integrated Customer Redemption System

We offer our clients an innovative redemption solution to drive sales and enhance marketing campaigns. This integrated system offers the user intuitive and seamless experience, boosting the success rate of the marketing campaigns.

Web Portal

Benefits of an Internal Web Portal

• Global Brand Adherence ensuring stronger brand recall and messaging.

• Consolidation of orders leading to savings and increased efficiencies across multiple markets.

• Insights to purchasing patterns for projections and management of merchandise assortment.

Drop us a message and let’s see how we can help!