About Us

About Us

DTC World is a corporate gift manufacturer with over 20 years of experience delivering innovative and creative marketing merchandise for some of the largest multinationals in the world. At DTC World, we believe people connect best with an experience they can touch and take home. Our extensive network of factories and offices across Greater Asia offers our clients a competitive price including tax and tariffs.

The Sustainability Philosophy

Our leaders believe in the aligning with the global supply chain shift towards a more responsible and sustainable business model. From design to delivery, our consultants are trained in the Sustainability Philosophy to propose solutions that reduce the footprint as well as minimize wastage. As a company, we know that the shift will require the effort of the whole industry, and we are onboard.


To be South East Asia’s largest distributor of innovative marketing merchandise sourced and manufactured responsibly.


Delivering high-quality, well-designed and well-constructed marketing merchandise for our clients while exceeding their expectations with our attention to detail and world-class customer service.