Exclusive Premiums - Luggage Bags and Travel


It may seem obvious that we cannot travel without luggage and bags, so giving luggage bags as free premiums for travel-related promotions are unimaginative. However, you will be surprised at the popularity of promotions involving giving away luggage and travel bags as free gifts, and they are one of the highly sought after premiums by both consumers and marketeers.  

In this post, we will be sharing a few promotions we have seen at Duty Free Outlets in airports. The targeted consumers in these promotions are all travelers.

1) Free DISNEY's FROZEN 2 LUGGAGE for any purchase of 40,000 THB or more at King Power duty-free outlets (image above)

Clever use of well-know Disney movie characters on the luggage. This movie FROZEN is not only well-liked by kids, even adults are watching it. Given the fame of the movie and its characters, the luggage alone stands out and is recognizable by almost everyone. In this way, consumers will tend to walk up to the advert to take a closer look at this promotion, and this will inadvertently increase the sales in the outlet. 

2) Free Trolley Luggage for Purchase of Remy Martin XO (left image);

Free Travel Bag for Purchase of Royal Salute Whisky (right image)

These are another promotions at a duty-free outlet in airport. With purchase of a certain minimum amount the alcoholic drinks, consumers will be getting the sturdy trolley luggage and travel bag as free gifts. Many travelers would not miss the chance to purchase alcoholic beverages at duty-free outlets when traveling, as they do not have to pay duties & taxes, and this is already a plus point. If they can get a premium free gift (just like the 2nd image above), it provides more incentives for them to purchase the drinks. 

Giving Travel Bags and Trolley Luggage as free gifts reflects the superiority of your brand, thereby improving your brand image. As the bags and luggage are of relatively bigger size, there is also ample space for you to imprint logos and marketing messages, boosting brand exposure. 

For luggage and travel bags giveaways, consumers are usually spending more on the higher value purchases. For instance, a bottle of XO is an upscale purchase. So consumers will also be expecting a good-quality free gift. For trolley luggage, the handle, the wheels and even the locks used affect the design and quality of the final free product. Thus sourcing for reliable factories with reputable production records is very important. 

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Disclaimer: This blog space is where DTC shares with our readers the Marketing Premiums, Promotional Products, POSM merchandises & Advertising Campaigns that we have come across in the industry. DTC does not advocate any brands or products mentioned in the blogs.