Top 18 Iconic Duos of All-Time That Bring Life to Your Promotional Gift Ideas for Your Business — And Excite Your Customers


Cartoons and animated characters are fun. They are entertaining. Although cartoons might be directed toward kids; oftentimes, there are some gems of characters who both children and adults can see themselves in. Such character bonding makes us feel connected and relatable to these characters. For many years.

In our previous articles, we have discussed how businesses incorporate popular cartoon or movie characters (that have since become household names) in their marketing campaigns. Statistics have also revealed how customer experience influences their purchasing decisions. Through promotional gifts and licensed merchandise, businesses could incorporate a more unique ‘personal’ touch to their brand and products. And this emotional connection between the cartoon character and the audience (customers) enables the customers to be more open to listening to you and learning more about your products or services. Ultimately, when interest is raised — and attention is gained — the lines of communication are open to the buying audience.

While many a time, at the mention of cartoon characters, we may naturally zoom in on an ‘individual’ character. Most of the time, the protagonist. But, let’s take a moment. Think macaroni, peanut butter and your Sundays — pair these things with cheese, jam and brunch, respectively — and it all instantly makes perfect sense! If by their solitary selves, all these things are OK; then bringing in their designated ‘better halves’ makes it so much better. The same goes with cartoon characters.

Cartoon characters were almost definitely created as pairs. And it is the pairing that makes all of these things iconic. The iconic duos we often see in cartoons or movies usually have the most contrasting temperaments, looks, likes, and goals — yet, they supplement each other to the T. As the saying goes, "it takes two to make a thing go right" — in this article, let us take a look at some of the dynamic (and some, legendary) partners in crime whose characters are household names that many of us are fond of.

Odd Pairs That Make the Perfect Duos

You may have already seen these characters appearing in countless marketing campaigns, bringing in more fun and excitement to customers and clients. If two is better than one, then we hope the following round-up of our top 15 iconic duos and partners of all time would inspire you: from how you can explore a campaign-wide licensed merchandise to implementing ‘limited time only’ promotional gifts with purchase through these characters.

All in all, there’s no shortage of opportunities and ideas to create merch that makes your brand a part of people’s lives. Read on! (Get ready to be flooded with childhood memories and a big fat smile.)

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse


Image credit: Metro, UK

You see them in: Mickey Mouse and Friends

Relationship: Husband and wife

As Disney's most famous couple, Mickey and Minnie have been the symbol of love for 93 good, long years. Although, there have been times, their relationship may slightly confuse us viewers: with Mickey appears to be courting Minnie; while other times, they look very much like a married couple. This legendary duo is also often seen appearing in merchandise, movies, and TV programmes, with the rest of their Sensational Six crew: Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy Goof and Pluto.

2. Snoopy and Woodstock

Image credit: Boredpanda

You see them in: Peanuts

Relationship: Best friends

The famous spotted white beagle and the fluttering yellow bird, often found near Snoopy's doghouse are perhaps the two most loyal friends in the Peanuts comics. In the beginning, Snoopy may have seemed annoyed by Woodstock. Gradually, as their friendship develops, Snoopy begins to like his new sidekick's topsy-turvy flying sidekick.

3. Garfield and Odie

Image credit: Nicepng

You see them in: Garfield and Friends

Relationship: Frenemies

A cynical, lazy and maybe, the world's funniest fat orange cat and the lovable, seemingly dopey, brown-eared beagle. With hobbies including sleeping, eating lasagna, binging on TV, eating more Italian foods, and yes, sleeping, Garfield considers Odie his best pal; although, he loves taking poking fun and taking advantage of Odie's gullibility each time their owner, Jon let's the dog out!

4. Tom and Jerry

Image credit:

You see them in: Tom and Jerry

Relationship: Bittersweet rivals / frenemies

Making their debut in 1940, this cat-mouse combo was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera at MGM. The legendary show portrays the constant chase between Cat and Mouse, making them two of the iconic characters when it comes to cartoons. Their playfulness, constant witty fights and genuine concern for one another have kept us hooked for years! Indeed, the kings of mischief.

5. Tweety and Sylvester

Image credit:

You see them in: The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries / Looney Tunes

Relationship: Bittersweet arch rivals

The first thing that comes to mind will most likely be Tweety's signature line: "I tawt I taw a puddy tat!" Always trying to come up with ideas and strategies to eat the little bird — and fails miserably; Sylvester's obsession and sole mission in life seems to be all about catching Tweety. A little #DYK trivia: despite those long lashes and a high pitched voice, Tweety is actually a male.

As exciting as these characters that appear on countless promotional gift items, we are just as thrilled with our past projects that featured many iconic characters. Get more free ideas on our Blog to make your licensed merchandise campaigns standout from the crowd — and give your business a little boost. Don't believe us? Look how these famous rabbits bring more fun and creativity to the promotional campaigns and merchandise in the market.

6. R2D2 and C-3PO

Image credit:

You see them in: Star Wars

Relationship: Best droid buds

These two best droid buddies have been in countless adventures together. Resourceful and spunky, Artoo (as the astromech droid is fondly called) may be the more daring one; but you gotta give kudos to the lovable, worrisome protocol droid, C3P0 who provides much needed comic relief to the action-filled films.

7. Scooby-Doo & Shaggy

Image credit: Boredpanda

You see them in: Scooby-Doo

Relationship: Pet-n-master whose relationship transcends to a brother-like bond

Often jumps into each other's arms, typically when one of both of them are terrified, these dynamic duo and best pals continue to solve many hilarious mysteries with their gang. Though, Shaggy and Scooby tend to spend most of their time being scared and/or eating.

8. Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Image credit: Yard Baker

You see them in: Toy Story

Relationship: Best friends

A space cadet and a cowboy toy owned by toddler, Andy — they were originally rivals. Woody was jealous of Buzz being replaced as Andy's favourite toy. However, as adventures and rescue missions take place, their relationship and friendship evolves. Now, that's what a true friendship is all about: what friends can accomplish when you put faith in one another; and how far someone is willing to go for their friends.

9. Mario and Luigi

Image credit:

You see them in: Super Mario

Relationship: Brothers

Challenges, obstacles, failures and defeats. Yet, we get back up — 'restart' and get moving. All over again! And that is life. Similarly, in the world of Mario and Luigi the two most recognisable brothers in gaming battle hand-in-hand to defeat Donkey Kong, "jumping" their way to rescue damsel in distress, Pauline and Princess Peach.

10. Calvin and Hobbes

Image credit:

You see them in: Calvin and Hobbes

Relationship: Best friends

"Let's go exploring!" A comic strip that follows the adventures and troubles in the life of Calvin, a smart and imaginative young boy. Always attempts to 'challenge' the status-quo, particularly on authority and those "do's-and-donts" rules he's asked to observe, Calvin finds comfort and friendship in his loyal companion, Hobbes, the talking tiger.

11. Hello Kitty and Tiny Chum

Image credit:

You see them in: Hello Kitty and Friends

Relationship: Best friends

A Japanese bob-tail cat with a red bow on her left ear, Sanrio's very own Hello Kitty has a kawaii teddy bear friend, Tiny Chum. Although its initial target audience group falls within the pre-adolescent female market, this iconic duo has made appearances across countless promotional gift items and other products, ranging from purses, stickers, apparel, and stationeries. Hello Kitty's favourite quote includes "You can never have too many friends!"

What Makes a Partnership Work: Two Heads (or More) Are Better Than One!

There may be times when bickering happens, teasing takes place, or perhaps, a little fight every now and then. Nonetheless, these cartoon characters have become our beloved pairs, having embedded into our popular culture. They have showed us what great partnership is all about: because one is not complete without the other. And speaking of adventures and more comics, indeed, two heads are better than one. It gets a little merrier when some of these legendary characters rope in an entourage on their exciting escapades!

12. SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star

Image credit: Snow Commerce Inc. / FandomWire

You see them in: SpongeBob SquarePants

Relationship: Best friends / Sidekick

As SpongeBob's best friend and pinky buddy, Patrick Star is the Robin to his Batman. Often gets himself into various misadventures. Spongebob always has Patrick beside him. Portrayed as having a life that's fun and rich, this duo spreads the message of kindness, positivity, determination and how good will always prevail against evil.

13. Bert and Ernie


Image credit: Boredpanda / The Wrap

You see them in: Sesame Street

Relationship: Inseparable duo

There's no separating the duo, even from the very beginning when the show was first launched in 1969. Bert, the policeman, and his roommate Ernie, the cab driver, have been the most reliable source of humour of the series. Adorable and hilarious, we will catch Ernie frustrating Bert more often than not, with his childish behaviours and ridiculous antics. One thing's for sure, their strong bromance has certainly stood the test of time.

14. My Little Pony

Image credit:

You see them in: My Little Pony

Relationship: Best friends

Meet the original pegasus and unicorn ponies! The famous toy line and media franchise by Hasbro has been the childhood favourite of many children, growing up. Donned in long, shiny hair that you can brush, braid and style, these adorable ponies of Ponyland were individually designed to represent different elements and positive aspects of friendship. It is no wonder these seven colourful ponies are the little girls' best friends!

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Image credit:

You see them in: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

Relationship: Brothers

"Cowabunga!" Enormous and muscular turtles rocking their signature weapons, slaying off villains and saving the day — fighting for truth and justice! Leonardo leads, Donatello is the smart nerd, Raphael is cool, and Michelangelo is a party dude. These ass-kicking green fighting machines surely get us jumping around out living room practising our favourite ninja moves each time we hear the theme song.

16. The Powerpuff Girls

Image credit: Cartoon Network

You see them in: The Powerpuff Girls

Relationship: Sisters / Friends

Initially started off as a trio, these super-powered sisters with special abilities fight off nearby criminals and enemies in Townsville. Soon, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were joined by the fourth member: Blisstina aka Bliss. With members each depicting a distinct personality and characteristics, the 24-year-old animated classic may have seemed cute and innocent at first glance; however, it also echoes the message of being independent be fierce and strong as you stand up for yourself.

17. The Flintstones

Image credit: Yard Baker

You see them in: The Flintstones

Relationship: Family

Meet our TV's modern Stone Age family! Set in the suburbia of Bedrock, this 60-plus-year-old classic was created by animation wizards William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (yes, the duos who gave us Tom & Jerry). In case you've been living under a rock (no pun intended), the Flintstones featured Fred and Wilma, along with their daughter, Pebbles, and later joined by their neighbours, Barney and Betty Rubble, with their adopted son, Bamm-Bamm. The series is family-friendly, often depicting day-to-day bickering and humorous interactions with the neighbours.

18. Elsa and Olaf (Frozen)


Image credit: / disneyscreencas

You see them in: Frozen

Relationship: Family / Friends

"Let it go, let it go!" But, how can we let this one go? One of the greatest movies setting worldwide box office records, Frozen is possibly one of Disney's biggest sensations that "no one sees it coming". The cultural avalanche has taken the world by storm — from the music to a long-list of merchandise, to Halloween costumes and cosplay, fans around the world are certainly not letting it go. The interesting part is there's no age restriction when it comes to patrons. In terms of promotional and licensed merchandise, you could actually consider featuring the Frozen cast in premium kitchenware, drinkware or glassware. As for promotional swag giveaways, there are plenty of options available, too. Think recyclable totes, pouches, or even stationeries.

Stay on trend, stay on top

We suppose no one would say no to attractive, practical, branded unique gifts, right? Here are some of the popular licensed characters making their way into various brands' promotional gifts and marketing campaigns. Check it out!

Image 1: Presenting gifts that are practical while carrying an exclusive visually-pleasant design makes them highly desirable as a collector piece among customers. Image credit: Darlie / Lazada, Facebook

Image 2: Licensed merch that includes premium items like bags, tumblers with the characters of Peanuts taking centre stage. Image credit: Changi Airport / Facebook


Image 3 – 5:  Collaborations between brands and businesses often spark new opportunities and ventures. Check out the brilliant merchandise items byPot Addiction and Mochiak & AhWoo that add more fun to the dining experience. Surely this will make your customers go "wow". Image credit: Pot Addiction, Mochiak & AhWoo


Image 6, 7: A touch of nostalgia with a tinge of cuteness and creativity in this licensed merchandise featuring iconic duo Tom & Jerry from McDonald’s. Image credit: McDonald’s SG


Image 8, 9: Keep the promotional gift ideas unique, practical and eco-friendly at the same time provides a green impact to your brand image, too. Image credit: Walch, KFC / Shopee, Redmart

Image 10, 11: Superheroes among movie characters making appearances in some of the licensed figurines by McDonald's. Image credit: Dreamworks, DC Comics / McDonald's


Image 12 15: Incorporating licensed characters in eye-catching merchandise and packaging in conjunction with festivities surely make your brand memorable and come up top among customers. Image credit: HKMX / Facebook

Image 16: Plush toys of popular characters are popular not just among the little ones, but also adults. Image credit: 7-Eleven, Vietnam

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Promote your brand's go-green effort with sustainable and eco-friendly promotional swag items with renowned licensed characters; like this Pororo string bag.


Cute and practical promotional gift items are very much adored by customers. For instance, customised portable cutlery set and bowl (mug), featuring cartoon characters will add more fun to the customer experience.


Customisable designed handy pouches to store your make up essentials or even stationery; and umbrellas with licensed characters of your choice.

Sanitiser sleeves designed for Lifebuoy, featuring Marvel superheroes and other popular cartoon characters.

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Closing Thoughts

Regardless of the fictional characters your brand goes for, at the end of the day, it's all about keeping it relevant. With every character that is 'connected' to a brand, there should be a fundamental 'message' which echoes what your brand stands for apart from what products it offers or the market segment it belongs to.

If you discover something in this article that might pique your interest or something you wish to explore, get in touch with us for more insights into licensed merchandise to spruce your marketing efforts.

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