Outstanding Social Caring SME Award 2021

  • AT DTC World, our people are one of the main core pillars for our Corporate Responsibility philosophy.  We value all our staff, believing that our employees are our biggest asset and are critical to the long-term success of our business.


  • We are honoured that we have been awarded the Outstanding Social Caring Award SME 2021, one of the Social Caring Pledge Awards by Social Enterprise Research Academy.

  • The Social Caring Pledge Awards Scheme honors business leaders and organizations who have shown exemplary performance in developing successful businesses, but at the same time, not neglecting their social responsibilities for the communities. 


  • In particular, the Outstanding Social Caring Award SME 2021 recognises an organization’s efforts to utilize its own strengths, striving to contribute to its sector’s development; and very importantly, being a responsible employer for training and caring employees as well as promoting work inclusion and diversity. 

  • The achievement of the Outstanding Social Caring Award SME 2021 is the fruit of labour from DTC World Management and Staff. We will continue our commitment to provide an inclusive working environment with opportunities for continual development in an inclusive nurturing and safe working environment.

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