Ayam Brand’s 130th Anniversary Promotional Merchandise

Ayam Brand promo gifts - Cushions & Tote Bag

Brand: Ayam Brand 


In celebration of Ayam Brand's 130 years of providing quality products to families across Malaysia, DTC World had the unique opportunity to contribute to a special milestone. Our collaboration aimed at commemorating this significant occasion through a promotional marketing campaign that not just resonated with the legacy of Ayam Brand but also highlighted its innovative spirit. 

Through a meticulous design process, our team reimagined Ayam Brand’s iconic products as plush cushions and designed a bespoke canvas bag celebrating 130 years of the brand. The initiative was to turn everyday products such as Ayam Brand Sardines and Baked Beans into cherished promotional gift mementos that evoke nostalgia and a sense of pride in being part of Ayam Brand’s storied history.

Ayam Brand promotional gifts - Cushions & Tote Bag

The "SHOP AND REDEEM!" campaign centered around providing a tangible celebration of Ayam Brand's heritage. Further enticement was provided by the unique opportunity to win Ayam Brand Pillow Plushies through an engaging claw machine game, drawing on the nostalgia of traditional funfairs.

Custom-Designed Merchandise: The uniqueness of Ayam Brand Product-Shaped Cushions and the Limited Edition Canvas Bag as tangible items of brand legacy.

The Results:

Elevated Brand Visibility: The custom branded promotional gifts achieved widespread attention, enhancing Ayam Brand’s presence across multiple platforms.

Campaign Virality: High levels of social sharing and online engagement signified the campaign’s success, propelling Ayam Brand into the spotlight during its historical anniversary.

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


Our collaboration with Ayam Brand for its 130th Anniversary was a resounding success, underscoring the power of memorable promotional merchandise in enriching marketing campaigns. This proved once again that when nostalgic branding merges with playful, customer-centric merchandise, a campaign can transcend basic market strategies. We fostered an experience where every touchpoint was an opportunity for engagement, leveraging our expertise in delivering unique and fresh ideas for merchandise that generate conversations and reconnect customers with a brand they've known. 

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