POKKA x POP MART Sweet Bean Festive Collaboration

Brand: POKKA  


In a strategic and creative partnership, Pokka collaborated with POP Mart to amplify its Chinese New Year campaign in early 2024, engaging DTC World to bring a beloved licensed character directly into the promotional mix. This collaboration, leveraging the festive allure of the Sweet Bean character, not only charmed Pokka's customers but significantly heightened brand visibility during one of the busiest retail seasons. 

The Pokka x POP Mart collaboration was the centerpiece of Pokka’s Chinese New Year promotional campaign. Utilising the widely adored Sweet Bean character from POP Mart, the campaign aimed to offer unique and memorable festive promotional merchandise. These gifts were available through a special redemption offer, targeted at major supermarkets, retailers, and roadshow events.

Image credit: POKKA Facebook

Sweet Bean Cushions: Delightfully adorable, plush cushions emblazoned with the Sweet Bean character, meticulously designed to add a festive touch to consumer homes. 

Sweet Bean Decorated Container Set: A set of versatile containers, stylishly featuring the Sweet Bean design, perfectly blending functionality with festive aesthetics.

The cornerstone of this collaboration was the integration of licensed character merchandise, specifically designed to galvanize Pokka’s branding efforts during the festive season. The Sweet Bean character offered a distinct and memorable appeal, making Pokka products stand out amidst the bustling holiday market.

The Results:

Heightened Brand Engagement and Emotional Connection: The Pokka x POP Mart initiative skillfully tapped into consumer enthusiasm, producing a resounding wave of brand engagement that solidified emotional connections between Pokka and its audience. This expertly curated Sweet Bean merchandise collection — including the soft cushions and artistically adorned container sets—not only served as endearing mementos of the festive season but also embodied the brand's spirit, making every interaction with Pokka a memorable celebration for the cherished customers.

Amplified Brand Visibility with Impactful Collaborative Synergy: This finely executed campaign emerged as a beacon of brand visibility for Pokka, captivating the marketplace with an invigorating buzz that resonated through roadshow spectacles and digital dialogues on social media. 

DTC Services Used:

Design, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


This showcase project exemplifies the creativity and strategic insight that our company offers. By marrying captivating design with effective branding through licensed merchandise, we achieved the client's goals of heightened brand awareness and customer engagement. The Pokka x POP Mart Sweet Bean Festive Collaboration stands as a testament to the power of innovative, themed promotional merchandise in driving successful marketing and branding events.

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