Quaker Oats Supercharges Its Campaigns with Exclusive Promotional GWP Merchandise

Brand: Quaker Oats


Businesses are constantly finding innovative ways to engage their customers and drive sales. One powerful marketing tool that has proven effective time and again is the Gift-with-Purchase (GWP) campaign. The fascination of receiving something ‘extra’ with a purchase is almost irresistible to customers. That is why a well-executed GWP campaign can instantly grab the attention of your customers — and create a sense of excitement and urgency.

Speaking of excitement, here’s a look at a compilation of several on-pack promotional giveaway ideas we have designed and sourced for nourishing and versatile breakfast brand choice, QUAKER OATS Malaysia.


We believe that any GWP or ‘limited-time-only’ on-pack giveaways should go beyond a mere token gesture. The well-thought-out gift items should showcase your brand's storytelling and messaging. And that’s what we aim for with the product selections and designs for Quaker Oats’ campaigns. From your day-to-day eco-friendly (foldable) grocery shopper bags, to the exclusive collectible Quaker jars, to the all-time favourite Chinese New Year festive ceramic plates — these product assortments offer Quaker fans value and certainly, exclusivity.

Customers are always on the lookout for added value when making a purchase. While ensuring the product selections give you high usability, the visual impact on the exterior should significantly boost your brand's recall and recognition. Incorporating an array of vibrant and mesmerising shades and tones, these delectable promotional gift ideas are definitely a reason, if not a delight, for all Quaker’s fans to “start their day right.


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