Tiger Chinese New Year Mahjong Set — Celebrating Innovation in Tradition

Tiger Chinese New Year Mahjong Set

Brand: Tiger Beer


For Marketers looking to draw inspiration from a campaign that masterfully blends tradition with innovation, the Heineken Malaysia’s Tiger Chinese New Year (CNY) 2024 campaign unfolds as a testament to what can be achieved when imagination meets execution. At the heart of this success story is the Tiger CNY Mahjong Set, a unique product conceptualised and brought to life by DTC World.

Tiger Chinese New Year Mahjong Set - Drawstring bag 

Drawstring Bag: Enhancing portability and storage convenience, allowing enthusiasts to carry the game set effortlessly.

Tiger Chinese New Year Mahjong Set - Table Mat

Table Mat: Offering flexibility in gameplay locations, making the traditional game accessible anywhere, from coffee tables to parks.

Tiger Chinese New Year Mahjong Set - Packaging Gift Box

Unique Packaging Box: Elevating the unboxing experience, making it not just a product but a memorable and presentable gift for the festive season.

The Results:

High Redemption Rate: The innovative offering saw an unprecedented redemption rate, showcasing the market’s keen interest and the product’s desirability.

Positive Client Feedback: Heineken Malaysia noted the product innovation as a key factor in the campaign’s success, highlighting the drawstring bag and table mat as market-first features that captivated their audience.

DTC Services Used:

Design & Conceptualisation, Sourcing, Production, Logistics


The Tiger Chinese New Year Mahjong Set was more than a project; it was a bold step outside the conventional, addressing Heineken Malaysia's quest for innovation. The introduction of the drawstring bag and table mat was met with enthusiasm, marking a first for the client in terms of product innovation.

The Heineken Malaysia partnership for the Tiger Malaysia CNY 2024 campaign is a sparkling example of what happens when tradition meets pioneering thought — a harmony of celebration, innovation, and unmatched customer delight that only we can provide.

Empower your brand with promotional merchandise that makes a lasting impression. Trust in our expertise to bring your vision to life, just as we did with Heineken Malaysia. Together, let's set new benchmarks for creativity and sustainability in the promotional merchandise industry.

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