Glass Plate with Gold Rim
Glass Plate with Gold Rim

Glass Plate with Gold Rim


Introduce a dash of elegance to your promotional items with the Glass Plate with Gold Rim. This gorgeously crafted plate is a blend of convenience and sophistication, making it an ideal promotional gift. During festive periods such as Christmas, recipients can utilise this exquisite plate to serve fruits, food, and get a taste of luxury dining in the comfort of their homes.

The highlight feature of this glass plate is the luxurious gold rim. It not only emphasizes the plate's edges but also adds a touch of regality to its overall look. The gold rim is a delicate detail that boosts the aesthetic value of the plate, making it an enchanting table piece.

This plate provides ample room for your brand logo or a custom message, serving as a constant reminder of your brand every time it is used. Offer your customers and clients a promotional gift that not only serves their dining needs but also adds a luxurious touch to their festive celebrations. With this gold-rimmed masterpiece, your brand is sure bound to capture hearts and minds.

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