Portable Wooden Opener
Portable Wooden Opener

Portable Wooden Opener


Promote your brand on the go with these sophisticated yet handy Portable Wooden Openers! Ideal for businesses and marketing departments seeking visible branding on a versatile promotional product. Sturdy and elegant, this beautifully crafted wooden opener is meant for long-term use, just like the impact your brand will have on your recipients. 

Your company logo or brand message can be printed on or engraved into the wood, creating a permanent and exquisite imprint. This customization lends a unique touch to the opener and emphasises your brand's virtue of quality. When used by your customers or at events, it’s an indirect yet effective promotional message that communicates with the wider audience.

Perfect for all occasions, including company events, promotional campaigns, or as business gifts for clients and employees. Its portable design ensures your brand travels wherever the opener goes, increasing brand exposure. Whether it's a restaurant, bar, or home setting, your brand will always be in the limelight during the joyous moments that call for an opener.

Size: 10 x 4cm

RM 0.00 per piece

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