Gadgets cum Cables Organiser
Gadgets cum Cables Organiser

Gadgets cum Cables Organiser


Maintain a clutter-free and organised environment with this customisable Gadgets/Cables Organiser. This practical item is the perfect answer to tangled cables or lost gadgets, offering a vintage solution to a modern problem while simultaneously enhancing your brand visibility.

Each organiser features a sturdy board with flexible elastic bands, designed to neatly store and organise a variety of items ranging from cables, earphones, power banks, to smaller gadgets. This on-the-go solution keeps your tech essentials secured and easily accessible, thereby curbing the common difficulties of managing tech peripherals. With its sleek and compact design, it effortlessly slips into a laptop bag, briefcase, or backpack, offering a convenient and portable cable management system. It is a great gear for tech-savvy professionals, frequent travellers, or anyone who values orderliness.

Boost your promotional efforts by customising this organiser with your corporate logo or brand message. As users organise their gadgets and cables, they are subtly reminded of your brand's commitment to offering valuable, practical solutions. This makes it an excellent choice for corporate swag, trade shows, promotional events, or as thoughtful gifts for your employees and clients.

Size: 27 x 19 x 0.8 cm

RM 0.00 per piece

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