Desktop Name Card Holder
Desktop Name Card Holder

Desktop Name Card Holder


This Desktop Name Card Holder, an exemplary mix of function, style, and quality materials aimed towards making your brand truly stand out. It is a must-have addition to any executive's desk and an ideal choice for businesses, marketing departments or corporates looking for high-end corporate swag and promotional merchandise.

Each name card holder is crafted from robust brass with a complementing wooden base, representative of refinement and durability. The marriage of elements lends it a sophisticated appearance and a solid weighty feel, giving any workspace an instant touch of luxe appeal. It is spacious enough to hold a generous stack of name cards. Make your mark on this exquisite name card holder by laser engraving your logo on it, adding an extra level of personalisation. This ensures your brand identity is effectively front and centre, every time someone reaches for a business card.

Choosing to brand your business with our Desktop Name Card Holder allows for a subtle yet impactful promotion of your brand. It is not only a functional desk object, but it also acts as a constant reminder of your brand at your client's fingertips.

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