Collapsible Lunch Box
Collapsible Lunch Box
Collapsible Lunch Box

Collapsible Lunch Box


This lunch box is made from flexible, food-grade silicone that provides an incredibly robust and practical approach to your mealtime needs. The easily collapsible design allows for uncomplicated storage, making it an ideal choice for picnics or outdoor gatherings that require minimal packing space. Featuring a secure-sealing lid, the lunch box ensures your meals stay fresh and contained during transport. Not just for meals, it is perfect for carrying snacks or even non-food items that could benefit from a protected, compact storage solution.

Whether it is about rewarding your team members or impressing your customers, this Collapsible Silicone Lunch Box offers a versatile usage that fits perfectly into a busy lifestyle. It brings both convenience and a touch of style to lunch breaks, outdoor events, or even everyday office use. Adding an extra layer of appeal, these reusable lunch boxes (being great alternatives to single-use disposable lunch boxes) can be customised with your company's logo. This offers a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand in a positive, subtle way while being associated with eco-consciousness and creative innovation.

Choose our Collapsible Silicone Lunch Box as your corporate gift or promotional item to offer a product that is handy, chic, mindful, and a constant promoter of your brand.

Size: 1100ml;

18 x 3 cm (collapsed)

18 x 8.5 cm (expanded) 

RM 0.00 per piece

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