30000 mAh Power Bank
30000 mAh Power Bank

30000 mAh Power Bank


This robust 30000 mAh Power Bank is a premium and practical selection tailored for businesses, marketing departments and corporates seeking high-quality corporate swag or promotional merchandise.

Being constantly on move in today's fast-paced business world can be challenging. This 30000 mAh Power Bank provides a powerful solution for these challenges, ensuring your team or customers are never left with a dead device. With an impressive 30000 mAh capacity that can rapidly charge any smartphone, tablet or other devices several times over, they can be plugged in and ready to go whenever and wherever they need. The power bank sports a sleek, portable design, making it perfect on the desk or in the pocket. 

Add in the fact that this power bank is customisable, and it becomes a marketer's dream. We offer the option to custom brand every power bank with your company logo, subtly increasing brand visibility every time the power bank is used. What better way to promote your brand than by associating it with reliability and constant connectivity in today’s digital age?

Choosing this 30000 mAh Power Bank for corporate gifting or promotional purposes not only provides a practical, much-needed device charger, but it also serves as a consistent brand reminder. Power up your promotional strategy with these power banks today.

Size: 148 x 68 x 43 mm

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