Adjustable Strap Sling Bag
Adjustable Strap Sling Bag

Adjustable Strap Sling Bag


Crafted from polyester cotton, this sling bag combines durability with a sleek design, making it the perfect companion for both daily commutes and adventurous outings. It offers an exceptional canvas for your brand's logo and message, turning it into a walking billboard that captures attention in supermarkets, retail outlets, and beyond.

Designed to meet the needs of marketing professionals aiming for higher ROI on gift-with-purchase and redemption campaigns, this sling bag ticks all the boxes for functionality and style. Its adjustable strap ensures a comfortable fit for all body types, while the easily accessed compartment keeps essentials securely in place. More than just promotional merchandise, it's a versatile accessory that recipients will love to use, amplifying your brand’s visibility. 

Bag Size: 28*30 cm; 

Strap: 150(L)*2.5 cm

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