Oxford Travel Duffel Bag
Oxford Travel Duffel Bag

Oxford Travel Duffel Bag


Go the distance with this customisable Oxford Travel Duffel Bag. This bag is an optimal combination of style and functionality. Appeal to the practical and aesthetic tastes of your clients with Oxford Travel Duffel Bag, an ideal pick for those seeking high-impact promotional gifts and corporate swag. Crafted from durable Oxford fabric, this bag offers the robustness needed for gym, sports, and travel use, effectively bridging beauty and durability. With ample space for brand logo customization, turn heads and stir conversations as your brand journeys everywhere. 

Boost your campaigns with a redemption gift of high perceived value. Don't just attract customers, impress them with these Oxford Travel Duffel Bags, and elicit desirable shopper behaviour. High-quality and versatile, this bag not only fits in with various lifestyles but also mirrors a high perceived value - making it a valuable player in gift-with-purchase and redemption promotional campaigns. Watch as this strategically chosen gift boosts your marketing ROI, ensuring your brand's message travels far and wide, in the most practical and stylish way possible.

Size: 47 x 30 x 26(H) cm

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