Ceramic Stackable Cup
Ceramic Stackable Cup

Ceramic Stackable Cup


Elevate Everyday Moments with Ceramic Stackable Cups - Reinvent your promotional strategy with these dynamic Ceramic Stackable Cups. Customisable with your brand's unique colours and logos, these cups go beyond functionality, serving as a compelling piece of marketing merchandise. With the added perk of stackability, they provide an enticing prospect for customers to collect an entire series, perfect for businesses wishing to increase their ROI on gift-with-purchase and redemption marketing campaigns.

Transform Ordinary Into Extraordinary - Featuring full-colour print around the cup, these Ceramic Stackable Cups are ideal for regular use and can subtly yet powerfully influence shopper behaviour. With the unique appeal of a collectible series, your brand becomes a part of consumers' daily routines, making heads turn and conversations start. If you're a trade marketer, regional marketer, or a corporate, seeking to make an impact in off-site channels like supermarkets and retail outlets, these cups offer a strategic solution that unites practicality and promotional value. 

Capacity: 350ml

RM 0.00 per piece

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