Creative Chalkboard Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Brand


Chalkboard Ideas

“I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes . . . I saw the sign"

And that's what you want your display chalkboards to do! To grab the attention of busy passersby who could actually turn into your potential customers — as you open their eyes to the wonders your business can offer. Pavement signs, sandwich boards, A-frames, and all the various types of chalkboards — as display signage — placed right outside your shop offer a great opportunity to show off your business personality, related interests, while featuring your best assets to possible patrons as they walk by.

It may look simple. It may not necessarily be extremely huge, either. But, it surely is an efficient marketing tool to bring the passersby into your shop. Chalkboard has since paved its way into the marketing playground like a breath of fresh air — particularly, with the rise of social media. Capturing the hearts of customers, who enjoy the idea of posting attention-grabbing images on their Instagram, brand owners and marketers are definitely getting creative with their chalkboards. This art form of a marketing method is becoming bigger in recent years, with some business owners even engaging full time artists to create their chalkboard visual designs for their establishments. (So, if you’re thinking of merely plain writings on the board using white chalks — think again.)

Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboards depicting various visual inspirations and size options to cater to different business needs. Image source: Pinterest

Classic marketing tool reimagined: Advantages of chalkboard for your business

There are many businesses today exploring chalkboard advertising as part of their marketing efforts to boost more sales. Conventionally, chalkboards are often seen at smaller retail establishments to attract local customers. While that is still the case, bigger brands are jumping on the chalkboard bandwagon, bringing in even more excitement to this form of POSM.

Fundamentally, chalkboards are categorised into two types: outdoor and indoor. While the outdoor pavement signs are aimed at bringing customers into the shop, the indoor version is all about communicating “what do you have to offer” to your customers — in an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way.

To stand out of the crowd, having a strong and high visibility is a must-have. That means ensuring your point of sales marketing (POSM) is a head turner that will grab the attention of your potential customers — and pique their interest to want to walk into your shop.

Chalkboard Ideas

Get creative when it comes to designing the visuals for your outdoor chalkboards. Image credit:

So, how can chalkboard marketing benefit your business? There are actually a whole host of advantages available to businesses looking to leverage the power of pavement signs.

  • Easy to read

    – The basic “white on black” concept makes the writing easy to read.

  • Vintage (retro) aesthetics

    – Not only does a wooden chalkboard give out a rustic and natural look, it also exudes a comfortable contemporary vibe.

    – Present that ‘good food in a cosy atmosphere’ impression.

  • Boundless creativity — and simple to alter

    – Never underestimate its tall frame exterior that allows you to be free with your preferred visual ideas.

    – Easy cleaning and maintenance of messages written on the board, too.

  • Double-sided for added visibility (and impact)

    – This means you have twice as much space to advertise!

  • Affordable low-cost investment

    Compared to other marketing tools, chalkboards are relatively the more affordable deal.

  • Successful for a variety of campaigns

    A versatile marketing tool to boost your brand presence, whether it’s driving traffic to your shop and ultimately, growing the sales figures.

Ready for more ideas? We have compiled some great chalkboard examples which might just stir your creativity for your next marketing plan.

Wooden A-Frame Outdoor Chalkboards

Chalkboard Ideas

A sturdy A-frame outdoor chalkboard is both attention-grabbing and practical in its own right. Image credit:

With plenty of writing space to showcase the latest menus or weekly specials — capture the attention of your customers with these sturdy, yet easily portable pavement signs. Choose from a variety of A-frame chalkboard designs to add a modernised look to your business space. The wooden exterior gives out a casual, rustic, yet classy look-n-feel.

Double-sided and equipped with an adjustable floor standing easel, these chalkboards are great as menu boards, promotions and message boards, hospitality signs and restaurants and pub signage. Incorporate your business logo or any design you like, these chalkboards are certainly a head-turner.

What DTC World can do for you

The design possibilities with a wooden A-frame chalkboard are endless. We are able to help you customise your desired pavement sidewalk — whether it’s the frame size, the choice of material, or incorporating your business logo design — just the way you want it.

Chalkboard Ideas  Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboard Ideas  Chalkboard Ideas

(TL – DR) Let DTC World take care of your outdoor chalkboard needs with these good lookin’ advertising displays. Image credit: DTC World

According to a survey by FedEx Office (a small business marketing solutions firm) and Ketchum Global Research & Analytics, on the importance of signage and its impact on consumers in deciding whether to visit your place of business — nearly 76% of consumers said they had entered a store or business they had never visited before based simply on its signs. 

To discover more creative and unique POSM ideas that give your brand and business the 'wow' factor, check out our website.

Tabletop Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard Ideas  Chalkboard Ideas
Rustic, woody, and casual tabletop chalkboards give a friendly, comfortable vibe to patrons. Image credit:

Perfect for bar tops and table tops to advertise specials, desserts, or limited time offers, keep your menu displays eye-catching with these great selections of table talker chalkboards. Whether it’s at retail establishments like cafes or restaurants or hair salons, these creative wooden-based tabletop chalkboards would surely add a touch some rustic charm to your space. Featuring a double-sided advertising display, you can freely add a logo to the menu holder.

What DTC World can do for you

Speaking of tabletop chalkboards, which may have a much smaller frame as compared to their outdoor sibling — nonetheless, they have such significant potential in influencing your customer’s spending decision. From a mini sized folding outdoor chalkboard, to an elegant-looking one with a wood holder, to embedding additional elements — there are just so many ways to inject a personalised touch to the display.

Chalkboard Ideas  Chalkboard Ideas

Chalkboard Ideas

(L – R) Various tabletop chalkboard signs which you can explore with DTC. Image credit: DTC World

Wall Mounted Chalkboards

Chalkboard Ideas in restaurant

Maximise your chalkboard signs with strong and creative visual designs. Image credit:

If you have limited space outside your store, then wall mounted chalkboard displays are your best options for attracting passersby. Place on the outer walls of your premises so that they can be clearly seen. Use this large display to effectively showcase the specials, promotions and limited offers to entice passing customers inside.

A brilliant method to free up valuable floor space, this wall mounted chalkboard is both stylish and practical. With a wide space to incorporate personalised logos, texts and visuals — this advertising display is sure to be a great talking point amongst your new customers and regular patrons.

Chalkboard Ideas in supermarket

Versatile and fun: Chalk works well for welcome signs, daily specials boards, and even your full menu display on a wall mounted chalkboard. Image credit: Broei Utrecht

What DTC World can do for you

By complementing the right level of wittiness with an eye-catching design, you can effectively maximise the capabilities of a large display wall hanging chalkboard. Brand loyalty is one of the biggest customer retention methods. It is important to note that to successfully establish the voice of your brand — while also nurturing your current and future customers — it also depends on how much personality you include in your advertising.

Chalkboard Ideas Chalkboard Ideas

(L – R) With endless room for customisation, you can incorporate a lot of your brand personality to convey your brand presence to your customers through a wall hanging chalkboard that best represents your business. Image credit: DTC World

Closing Thoughts

Chalkboard marketing can be seen as an interesting and effective POS display tool for businesses. They are versatile, fun, and can be impactful all the same time. Through its constant evolution and advancement, we can conclude that chalkboard design is both a marketing tool as well as an easy-going method to convey who you are to your customers — engaging and connecting with them in a closer proximity. That said, you can always count on us for a plethora of POSM ideas to maximise your chalkboard signs that will ignite your brand's presence — to create powerful results for your marketing efforts.

We hope you’ve found the chalkboard marketing insights we’ve shared with you useful. If you love any one of the point of sale marketing ideas we have compiled in this article, just put our team to work and see how all the potential possibilities POSM can be incorporated into your brand, your business.

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