REXONA x Quby — Licensed Character Promotional Gifts

Brand: Rexona


An internationally-recognised go-to deodorant or antiperspirant brand that sees us through our workout sessions and games, REXONA, launches a series of promotional gifts, featuring the adorable Quby. When it comes to the design concepts of the promotional merchandise for this project, we have incorporated eye-catching, sporty, and fun elements — with the licensed character taking centre stage — into the promotional items.

(top-bottom) The front view design options that we have designed for the Rexona’s promotional cooling towels, featuring the adorable Quby in sports action. Image by DTC World

An exclusive Quby pillow that is both great as a huggable cushion as well as a collectible piece, promotional items like this adorable pillow would surely entice your customers, and boost the success of your promotional or redemption campaigns. Image by DTC World

Assisting the leading antiperspirant brand (under British multinational consumer goods company, Unilever) to identify several relevant promotional gift items for their campaigns — we have adapted sports ‘action’ designs in which you can observe the licensed character performing various sports; e.g. football, weightlifting, yoga, etc.

Complete with a custom design and print, these specially designed promotional gifts include exclusive customised cooling sports towels, a customised mascot pillow cushion, and a 3D sports on-the-go tumbler. More than just aesthetically pleasing, this series of promotional merchandise is surely a big hit among Quby fans!

The 3D figure water tumbler is both fun and practical. Whether it’s to the gym, or your favourite café down the road, you can conveniently bring it along. Speaking of sustainable lifestyle, here’s one brilliant option worth considering. Image by DTC World

These regular, daily items are brilliantly accentuated through the use of licensed characters. Practical as it gets, a licensed promotional gift item can instantly add a touch of prestige and exclusivity to your marketing efforts, making it a popular collectible. It can be used as a redemption campaign giveaway, commemorative limited edition merchandise, or a fun corporate client gift or employee swag; the possibilities are without boundaries.

Carry it in your bag or use it as a fashionable home decor (display) accessory — these are some of the examples of impactful promotional gifts to catapult your brand relevancy and brand recall among your customers.

Interested in exploring the endless marketing opportunities with licensed characters? Elevate the exclusivity and value of your gifting campaigns by giving your customers a little ‘extra’ — and you could enhance the brand impression in your customer’s eyes.

Get in touch with us today, and let us show you how to add more creative elements to your promotional gifts through licensed characters — to effectively improve your brand visibility and resonate with your target audience.

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Designing, Sourcing, Production, Logistics and Delivery

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