Unilever x We Bare Bears — Licensed Character Promotional Red Packets

Brand: Unilever


A carefully selected and well-designed promotional gift can effectively form a bond with your customers and create a favourable impression. Instantly.

Even with the fast-paced tech world we are living in, where (almost) everything is becoming digital, some traditions are still best experienced in their most traditional way. Cashless payment systems may have become the norm; nonetheless, the anticipation of opening a red packet and the physical contact of receiving it cannot be experienced with technology. In fact, many of us do look forward to seeing how our favourite brands translate the zodiac animal of the forthcoming year — or other auspicious elements — into beautiful red-packet designs.


You’ll need a memorable marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and boost sales during the festive season. Take for example this next licensed character project — a series of adorable and eye-catching promotional red packets we have designed and fulfilled for leading multinational consumer goods company, UNILEVER. Featuring the three cute bear brothers from popular animated series, We Bare Bears, the designs playfully capture the New Year mood. Clad in traditional Chinese costumes, these lovable bears surely bring in more fun and good fortune for your customers!


Chinese New Year is a festival filled with symbolism, and none is more iconic than the colour red, if not the Chinese zodiac. Level up your promotional red packets by incorporating the CNY symbols and auspicious elements, brilliantly showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Chinese tradition and culture. Let our team of designers show you the endless possibilities to add unique and personalised touches to a regular red packet — and keep your brand top of mind among your customers during the joyous festivity.


Given out as a limited edition GWP promotional gift during your CNY promotions and campaigns; or exemplify what an effective marketing tool is all about when you leave a strong impression on your valued clients with exclusive red packets, as your next corporate gift. When elevated by red packet printing, these ang pow packets become instantaneously replete with branding potential.

More than preserving a tradition that complements the festive spirit and promotes emotional bonding, we believe that a custom-designed red packet — regardless of its shape, paper material, or finishing — will always make a hit collectible item for customers. Let us show you how.


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